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New: Calendar, PM Indicator, & Last Reply Notice

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Several new goodies! Here is an overview of each:

The Interactive EpicSki Community Calendar
A calendar on which any registered member of the community can post events. I envision this being used for skiing coverage on tv, gatherings of bears on the hill or at restaurants, major events at various ski resorts, major time-specific community announcements, or whatever the community decides it wants to use it for.

The link is on the top of each page (in the same row as the "Edit Profile" link). At the bottom of the forum home page is an announcement of the day's events.

There are two ways to post an event:

  • Go to the Calendar Page and Select "Add Event" (near the bottom)</font>
  • When doing a normal post in most of the forums, at the very bottom is an option to attach the post to a specific date on the calendar (in addition to being posted in the forum itself) . The post will go in the forum immediately, and be marked on the Calendar for the specified date.</font>
Be aware, that only I can edit calendar entries so be kind and proof read before posting!
PM Inbox Notice
On the top of the page you are told how many unread private messages (PMs) you have. It is now on EVERY page!

Last Reply Notice
When viewing the list of topics in any forum, it now states which member made the last reply to each topic thread. This also spaces out the list of topics and makes it easier to read.

That's all for now!

[ August 28, 2002, 07:56 PM: Message edited by: AC ]
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Good stuff AC--thanks again! Has the number of posts on a "page" been reduced, or is that my imagination? Didn't it take 50 posts before a thread required a second page at one point, then 40, and now 25? I assume that this is something you choose, and I suppose that the fewer posts, the more quickly the page loads--a good thing! On the down side, I find multiple page threads mildly annoying, and I guess we will have more of them now. Probably worth the the tradeoff....

AC--I do hope you're getting your "day job" work done! Thanks for all your time and energy!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Wow, Bob, that is very astute to catch the entire progression. You are exactly correct on all accounts -- including the motive. The change was indeed designed to shorten download times, particularly since one often comes across a long thread and just wants to see what it is about, then move on before reading the whole thing.

I can bump it back up to a larger number of replies-per-page if that is what people want -- just let me know. One way is better for quick, partial reading of lots of different threads, the other is better for complete readings of threads. I'm fine with whatever you guys want.
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AC, I've just one thing to say: W-O-W
The calendar thing is very impressive.
I like the idea very much.
As for the number of post per page, I'm fine with smaller numbers, since download time here is somehow slow (the line is slow, that is).
TA, M@tt.
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