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The PM Inboxes of several users became inoperable as a result of the site running out of storage space earlier this week To fix this we had to run a "rebuild PM utility" on the whole EpicSki PM system. Now all PM Inboxes should be functioning properly.

HOWEVER, the PM rebuild brought a *LOT* of previously deleted PMs back from the dead -- probably for all users of PMs. If you are an active PM user, your PM inbox is may be completely full and, since there is a 60 PM limit, you probably cannot receive any new PMs until you delete some of those.

THEREFORE, please take a minute to clean out the unnecessary (and previously deleted) PMs now in your box.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but everything should be working now. ( e-mail me if your PMs are not working properly -


Also on a seperate but related note...

The PM indicator is back, and now on the top of every page in the forum. It will tell you how many new Private Messages you have.

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