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idiot of the day

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This guy skis along a cornice that was cracking in front of him and in the process of sliding then hopped onto the slope below it which was also loaded and primed to go as evidenced by guy trapped in avy debris he discovers on his route down.  That being said, Japan sure looks nice to ski.  :D

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Jeezus..... 1 freaking shovel for the whole crew, no probes, etc.... what a bunch of nobs. And skiing on the cornice crack not noticing the trees that had already been taken down. 


And yes, I've skiing in exactly that place. And no, I've never skied there without my avy gear and always with partners who know what the heck their doing even though it's a pretty low angle slope. That guy is EXTREMELY luck.... just dumb lucky. 

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Wow! With or without the right equipment, those guys could just as easily have been digging up a corpse. And dipshit cornice crack jumping could have gotten them all killed.

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Sometimes God protects idiots. Had a guy @ Crater Lake on Snowshoes get to close to the Lake edge Cornice. No they haven't found him. Everyday I crawl into that 90 foot truck for 8 hrs I say a pray before releasing the Air brakes. "Lord please protect me from stupid people."

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Not sure if idiot or giant balls or both...

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Terrifying. But I decided the foot prints were his and that he had "inspected" first. Did wonder about the end. Felt like maybe he was so relieved to have lived he was peeing down his leg. Odd ending..
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Originally Posted by core2 View Post

Not sure if idiot or giant balls or both...

This video gives a whole new meaning to WROD, i.e.  "White Ribbon of Death"

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Noisy snow.

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Yeah, I was worrying about the tune.
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