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Ski Pole repairs

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I - as I am sure many do - have multiple sets of ski poles that are broken in same way shape or fashion.  I can salvage some if I can combine them.  So - how do I remove and install ski pole grips.  If I can do this I can salvage multiple pairs of poles.


For the record - some will be for me and some will be donated to the junior program and beginner program at my ski hill.  Every little donation helps get folks into skiing.


Thanks in advance!

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Warm up a big pot of hot water. Place the poles grip end in for 3-4 minutes. Remove from water. Pull. Usually does the trick.
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Learn to ski better so that you don't break poles.biggrin.gif
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:) Very good advice!

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Originally Posted by markojp View Post

Warm up a big pot of hot water. Place the poles grip end in for 3-4 minutes. Remove from water. Pull. Usually does the trick.

^ This but before pulling, put the ski pole through the crack between a door frame and the hinged edge of the door. Close the door to the point where the crack between door and door frame is just wider than the pole and not as wide as the handle. Then pull.


You can also use a vise instead of a door/door frame but not everybody has a vise and of course everyone has a door.

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I have a similar process with the same results. First know that if it is Leki trigger grips, the only thing getting those grips off is a hack saw.

For regular grips, I don't usually put them in boiling water but it does make it easier if you do. On one of my saw horses, I drilled a 1/2" hole (not positive on the diameter, just needs to be slightly bigger than the pole diameter). I knock the basket off, stick the pole through the hole and slam the grip against the horse a few times and it pops off. This is similar to the crack in the door method but I don't have a door like that in the basement where the work/tune shop is. Do make sure your holding the saw horse in place with the other hand. It takes a bit of force.

To get the basket off, I usually use a large adjustable open end wrench, opened to slightly larger than the ski pole diameter above the basket. Slam the wrench against the basket a time or two and it pops off.

I keep meaning to modify the hole in the saw horse so it has a slot going to the top of the saw horse so I can do baskets and grips.

For straps there is almost always some sort of wedge/pin that needs to be popped out. Some are adjustable so pay attention to how it all goes together as you take it apart.

Have fun,

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