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30th Anniversary - Hot Dog The Movie Party wrap up

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The 30th Anniversary Party for Hot Dog at Squaw Valley came and went in grand style. Not only did my stomach muscles hurt from laughing the entire weekend but the liver got a little work out as well with the festivities. What a weekend as this one will go down in the top three parties I've been lucky enough to attend.


Here's a short recap of the weekend.

Thursday March 24th

4 am departure from North Idaho with the crew, Dan Herby (Squirrell Murphy Stunt Double), Erich Thompson, Shotz Ski, Desiree Leipham and myself (Dan O'Callahan Stunt Double). We set off on a 15 hour drive to Squaw Valley in the Shotz Ski Van. After 8 hours on the road we blasted through the Boise area and picked up Lynne Weiland-AKA-Banana Pants on the way. The band is back together!


Harkin Banks Hometown in North Idaho


After 12 hours of traveling we decided to stretch our legs and reenact one of the opening scenes from the movie.


Friday March 25th

18" of Fresh awaits us at Alpine Meadows where we had an All Star crew together shredding the Sierra Pow.  We met up with Robbie Huntoon (Harkin Banks Stunt Double), Three Time World Champion Freestyle Champion Bob Howard, Seven time X-Games Gold Medalist Nate Holland and some EpicSki Bears, Philpug, Trekchick and Chickenmonkey. What an unexpected treat to shred the pow all day.

What a sight to wake up to


Apres consisted of swinging back over to Squaw and meeting up at Mamasakes of Squaw for an impromptu get together with many of the  stunt doubles. After a little Sake we ventured over to PlumpJacks where everyone was gathered (David Naughton, James Saito-Kendo, Frank Koppola-Squirrell, John Reger-Rudy, Marc Vance-Heinz, The Rudettes, Debbie Dutton-Shannon Tweed Stunt Double" This turned out to be a fun, casual get together.


Scary crowd at Mamasake!  L-R Nate Holland, Kendall Naughton, Dave Saputo, Dan Herby, Desi Leipham, Lynne Weiland, Tommy Frey, ShotzSki, Philpug, Trekchick


L-R, Squirrell, Banana Pants, Rudy, Heinz, Rudette, Kendo


Saturday March 26th 

We woke up to Sunny Skies over Squaw Valley. Everyone met at the base of the Funitel in the morning and before you knew it we had a group of about 30 skiers shredding all over the mountain, talk about a Rat Pack!


L-R, Dave Saputo, Bob Legasa, Robbie Huntoon, Dan Herby, Matt Reardon, Lynne Weiland, Debbie Dutton, Marc Vance, John Reger, Frank Koppola, George Theobald, David Naughton, James Saito, Uncle E


Great day of skiing my old stomping grounds, Lots of changes to the area, 25 years later I still remembered so much of the terrain like it was yesterday!


After skiing there was a private get together at Gallery Keoki. It was here that all the skiers and actors signed the Hot Dog The Movie Shotz Skis. One was given to the director of the movie Mike Marvin and the other donated as an auction item raising money for a Squaw Valley Institute project.

Frank Koppola-Squirrell signing the Shotz Ski while George Theobald-Slasher looks on


6:30 pm Hot Dog The Movie Question and answer period with the actors and some reenactment of a few of the iconic lines! Next the movie was played in front of approximately 1000 viewers. This turned out to be more like the Rocky Horror Picture show with everyone quoting lines, booing when the Rudettes came around and a loud ovation for Squirrell on his infamous Gondola Ride!



Auctioning off the ShotzSki


When the movie ended it was time to party! With 80's music on tap the Olympic Village Inn was in rare form. We danced until the morning time.  What a weekend, Big thanks to Matt rear don of the Squaw Valley Institute and Uncle E who was the Master of ceremonies for putting this memorable weekend together.


On another note, SVI always searches for a special cause to donate to at each Squaw Valley Institute event. the SVI auction donated finances towards a good friend of mine, Bob Vogel's new service dog.  Bob's story was the perfect fit as Bob was the Stunt double for Kendo and the aerials for O'Callahan in the movie. Bob was hurt in aerial ski show and left paralyzed back in 1986. His service dog of 9 1/2 years "Schatzie" recently passed and he has been trying to raise enough funds to purchase a new pup to help him in his every day life. Thanks SVI for this incredible gesture.


Bob Vogel and James Saito-Kendo


Here's a short wrap-up video of the weekend.


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Thanks for that Bob!  Looks like a great celebration.  And some great skiing.



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"What an unexpected treat to shred the pow all day."

Unexpected is right. I was expecting to ski alone, but saw Philpug in the Summit lineup. Once I caught up to you guys, I said hi to Phil and asked to ski with him. He said sure and off we went. Little did I know who I was getting involved with. Slowly the true story revealed itself and wow, mind blown!

You guys welcomed me without question and thanks for that. It was great to share a great spring powder day with a fun group of people.
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Nice work, Bob! Kind of kicking myself for not making the trip down with you guys but, duty called. On the other hand, my liver is pleased... Quite the party you all had!

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