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New Features In the Forum & PM Notification

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I just upgraded the core software in the forum. You will see some new features here and there. Now I will have to redo many of the customized modifications -- the most noteworthy of which is the "PM Inbox" on the forum home page. Until I re-install that, you will have to either make sure your PM e-mail Notification is on (go to "Edit Profile" to do this), or be diligent in checking your PMs on your own (also in "Edit Profile"). Sorry for the delay in getting this feature back up.

Here are a list of the software changes that have just been completed (these are only the ones that will be publicly noticeable, there were some other behind the scenes changes that you won't notice but will improve the experience):

- Updated the search feature to use less memory and search more accurately.

- "Jump to New Posts within thread" link (the new "Blue Arrow") - Located at the top of each topic - when clicked, it takes users to the posts in that topic that were made after their last visit to the board.

- Editing or Replying to a topic with multiple pages now returns you to the proper page (the last page where your reply is, not the first page -- this always annoyed me!)

- "Report Post" link - allows users to mail the forum moderator and board administrator about a post he or she feels is inappropriate. There's a tiny whistle under each post.

- Moderators now can easily (in fact automatically) mail a notification to the topic starter when his or her topic is moved [dchan, see the new checkbox when moving a thread]

- "Topic moved" icon - indicates if a topic was moved rather than closed.

- Fixed the percentage number display that was displaying incorrectly on some poll results. The count was right, the percentage was off.

- Search results are presented without thread duplicates

- Added additional input and output filtering which should speed up the site

- Misc typos and random bugs fixed (should not have those occasional corrupted threads anymore)

- Mass Move - allows me to move many topics from one or more forums into another forum at the same time

- Improved FAQ

- Misc error messages were clarified or reworded to ease problem solving

A lot of the bigger changes are under the hood and allow the moderators to keep things better organized and more under control. I have more publicly obvious changes in mind to be implemented soon!

>>If you haven't already, also see the related thread on Hardware Upgrades & Donations.<<

[ August 26, 2002, 09:16 PM: Message edited by: AC ]
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Awesome AC!
This is great Your house is looking mighty good

Thankyou for everything...your a great Host

: Tim
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I'll second that, Tim--thanks AC! It just keeps getting better!
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I'm impressed at the attention to details, AC. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. (The check is in the mail!)
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Great stuff, AC! Thanks from all of us.

Ahh ... not to pry, but did you just go out and buy (or put together) a new server on your own nickel? If you did, I think you should not beat around the bush about it. Many people have no idea how much you are already putting into this forum, gratis.

Tom / PM

PS - When you push the little "whistle blower" link, what exactly happens? Is just the ID of that post sent to you and DC, or is there a place where you get to explain the problem?

PS#2 - Thanks for the info on that field length issue. NBD - I'll figure out some workaround.

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Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming.

No, I did not go out and buy a new server, I upgraded the hosting plan with the company I outsource the hosting to and they moved the site to one of their bigger servers.

To answer your other question, when you push the little "whistle blower" link loud sirens go off, lights start flashing, and steel doors seal all exits. NO, stop, wait! Just kidding -- don't do it! I've been getting test whistle blows all day. [img]smile.gif[/img]

What actually happens is you get a chance to add a note explaining what the issue is and then your note and the original post's text get sent to me and dchan (dchan, let me know if this is annoying you) -- if you klick on a whislte you can see the form to add your comments without sending the note. It also has a link that takes us right to the post of concern (even scrolling down to it). It's a lot better than having to search for the post. This feature should help us stay on top of the many things going on around the forum -- be sure to lets us know if something requires attention.
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On the PM's, will you still get an email telling you have a PM?
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SnO Eagle, yes -- if you profile is set up for it (which is the default so "yes" unless you turn that feature off yourself).
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: :
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Great job. see your PM's for more comments.

By the way, maybe you can move the little blue arrow over to the right some and/or make it a different symbol. Where it is on the screen makes it almost look like you are supposed to click on the log out button for those of us with 3-6 letter handles.
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