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I recently purchased a pair of 2014 Atomic Vantage Theory skis in 176 cm. They are 95mm in the waist. I have only skied one season, having relocated to Northwestern Colorado from Southeastern Louisiana last August. I bought a pair of Rossignol Roc X skis in January and skied on them about 8 times between when I bought them and March 30th which was my last day of the season. However, I became completely hooked this season and skied every Saturday of February and March. And decided that if I am to become a serious recreational skier (if there is such a thing) I needed a ski I could trust. The Roc X's are wretched in the crud and don't feel stable at anything higher than 40 mph. At this point, my favorite thing to ski are moguls and any non-groomed single black diamonds, not because I am especially good at these runs, but because I love the challenge. I know I'm rambling somewhat, but my question is this: does anyone own a pair of Atomic Theory 2014's and how are they in bumps? I went with them because they got rave reviews as an all mountain ski, and i figured for being a weekend and holiday skier only (I live about two hours from three different slopes so skiing every day isn't feasible but skiing every weekend in the winter and spring absolutely is.) For the forseable future, that a one ski quiver would be adequate. I suspect that the Theories will be so far above and beyond the Roc X's that I will be thrilled with their performance everywhere on the mountain, and have a hard time telling if they are truly solid in the bumps, or just a hell of a lot better than the Roc X's. I paid more for my poles btw than I did for the Roc X's.
Any and all feedback is appreciated.