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So very many of you have skied the Steadfast in the 186cm. It's difficult to know who skis how, where, and for how long.


This season shined a bright light on my inability to hold the line the snow begs for from the right shape on semi-soft days.   A quiver gap in VT has me booting out of race stock & beer league and jumping to a 191 Head Joe,  131-104-122, full camber, 35m rd.  Or a 180 Kastle West 110, or a 189 Icelantic Keeper.  They're all like those bullets in Roger Rabbit on soft days and trees but none of them do the "...It's fairly soft on trail, getting chopped up a little bit, but still pretty stiff underneath" kinda days.  It's the Joe that gets the brunt of that, but lacks the ability to keep generating power throughout, inevitably not executing the optimal line....Having skied Nordica race and carvers for years...


The Steadfast, 186cm, 132-90-118 is light.  Has the same shovel width as the Head, it comparatively comes in so much underfoot and the traditional cut looks fast, the tail looks a decent fan, hopefully allowing for nice ejector seat dolphining....which is nice


So where do it's weaknesses show if I don't take it on cold ripper corduroy or 6+?



Is it a beast at all?