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Congrats AC & dchan!

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Well the member counter is currently at 2999, so i'm guessing it will be over 3000 by the time most of your read this.

Well done AC and dchan....i've seen so many changes to EpicSKi since i joined about a year and a half ago, which have all added up to one of the best forums on the net.

Thanks a million
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It's not us but the rest of the members that make this place. I'm just here to help out.

And Thank You AC for creating this wonderful place.
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3001 members as this is being typed, a work of art in progress! Many of us have seen to it that it's not only the format that works - we have clearly shown [in our, uh, fashion] that AC should be Secretary of State. What a diplomat's diplomat and statesman's statesman!

Congratulations, AC and dchan, and all the best. Thanks for everything, and not insignificantly, for your patience and fairness.
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