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Kastle gear!!

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I used to have a black Kastle hoodie with the white logo on the front that I got from a dealer when I purchased some Kastle skis a couple of years ago. Anyways that was probably my favorite item of clothing, always wearing it, just loved it! After coming home from a trip a few months ago I was unpacking my stuff and guess what? no hoodie. I almost had a heart attack, couldn't find it anywhere. So I'm on a mission to buy one online but can't seem to find them anywhere. Kastle's website has nothing, been to a few ski shops around my area but nothing, none of them have any Kastle clothing.


So if anybody knows any dealer or online shops where I can purchase some Kastle clothing, please shout it out because it would be a great help!

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go to a tee shirt print shop and make your own. here is my 60's version of their logo


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Making your own? Ha ha ha you drank the kool-aid! 

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actually it was for a Christmas present for my Dad relieving the memories of his younger days.  I make him a Vintage ski shirt every year.  I think the old logos are classier than the new ones.  I think the newest Kastles skis I own and have skied are from '68.  If that is "drinking the Kool Aid"  count me as no longer thirsty.



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Originally Posted by royal View Post

go to a tee shirt print shop and make your own. here is my 60's version of their logo

Not bad. That's actually a good idea!
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Pepi Steigler's Sports in Jackson Hole is the leading Kastle dealer in the USA so they may be able to help.

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Most of the Kastle wear were promo items and while they were in the catalogs most shops did not stock them, they were more used as give a ways. Kastle hasn't produced much in the past 2-3 years, might be tough to fund. 

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