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Getting closer to the end of the season

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We still have about 12 feet of snow mid mountain but we have only two weeks left at the area we have our passes to. Sunday it dumped 11" but they were closed on Monday then it got hot so the snow changed. last Friday was fun spring skiing after a week of hot weather down below here it was soft up there, a good wax job on faties helped. If I get the need I can always pay for a ticket and go up on the Palmer, it is open all summer long.
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Bachelor is open till the end of the month. Ski's well till noon then the bottom 3rd goes to glop & grab. Takes the fun away. Would like a freeze overnight so it would good for a few hours. Got 60 or so days in this season which is good.

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We're coming to Bachelor next week to wrap up our season.  Mammoth got a shot in the arm from the storm last weekend, but in a year like this there's going to be much more skiing in May at Bachelor.

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It's another unusual spring in the CO Rockies, a good spring to visit. Better than most years. 

Please come!


Last day at Loveland today.


But A Basin is officially open into early June, and its people are privately talking about going longer if the snow allows, possibly as late as the 4th of July--if the deep snow holds up.


A Basin is so far free of rocks, and is great in the am, was great yesterday (saturday) until about 2:00, at least. For me, in the morning on groomers including the Montezuma back basin, and after noon esp. on Palavachini, a steep small bump slope that's memorable.  All its chutes are rock free, at this point. I'm hoping we'll get more powder. 


This past week, Sunday through Thursday, was mostly light powder skiing at Loveland. They got 40+ inches about evenly over 4 1/2 days. That Sunday at times you could feel the crust underneath the 8" of fresh. After that, not so much, just powder over packed powder. It only snowed 1" new on Thursday night, but that day they opened lift 9 to the ridge and sent out the snowcat north towards 13,010'. We skied south along the ridge, fresh tracks all morning.

Each of those days was fresh powder skiing, slopes, ridges, trees. Up high, it was mostly cold, blizzard weather. Felt like February. Down low it was sheltered by trees. 


The next possible storms are reported to be coming at the earliest mid to late week.  Til then it's spring skiing again for a while.

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