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New GoPro Product

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So basically i have made a new mount for my GoPro hero 3 black edition and i was just wondering if i could get some feed back from people with their thoughts on it and any suggestions they may on what they think should be improved. the photos below are the final prototype and also an exploded diagram expelling how it all fits together. just a note that the metal arm in the middle is removable if you want to detach the whole arm whilst riding. and it sticks onto your board/skis using the same adhesive mounts as the GoPro does. any feedback would be great  




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For context, it might be useful for you to explain what your goals were in designing/building this.  What problem were you trying to overcome with the already-available mounts?


The fit and finish look nice.  I like the curve.


One point, though:  I would shy away from metal for an action-sports application.  I'd think breakaway plastic would be safer in a crash.

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Sorry yeah completely forgot to add why i designed it!


Basically as using my go pro on the front of my board, it either fell off or got covered in snow! 

so the reason behind this mount is a larger base plate so there is more adhesive to stick to your board   then the raised arm is to try and lift it out the snow a bit higher so it doesn't get covered up so easily. 

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Like Xela mentioned, looks great, but you have basically designed a spear for the front of your skis. I can't tell how long that is but it looks long enough to dig in pretty deep if you were to fall on it.
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I disagree with the safety hazard aspect.  This is not a particularly sharp object and is topped with a bolted Tee that holds the camera.  It could sure cause a bruise, but is not in a part of the snowboard that would likly contact the user.  FWIW, acrylic plastics could break into much sharper hazardous shards.


This seems to have a quick release mechanism that could be useful and it has a clean professional appearance.  For skiing, it is a fairly large object that could affect the ski performance, would create a different feel and performance for the ski it would be attached to and would be difficult to stash when you don't want to use it.  There is nothing to damp out vibrations from the board / ski and the height could accentuate any unwanted movement causing unstable video.


What is the weight and dimensions of this?  How is the mounting unit attached to the ski/ board?

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the overall mount weighs in at about 350 grams with a free standing height of 150mm (15cm) and the base width of 120mm (12cm) 


then the actually base the black park will be attached using a similar adhesive sticky pads to that of GoPro but the whole aluminium arm and camera are detachable via quick release from the two levers which Crimp the arm in place. 


then in Response to Gmoney comment, it you think about it it is no difference to an ordinary goPro mount as, if you where to take your camera of you would no doubt take the aluminium arm off which is the only part that would cause any harm. as when the camera is attach to the arm you would fall onto that which would be the same as a normal mount. as you won't spear your self with the camera itself. 


but thanks for all your comments! 

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