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How to "see" a picture

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In the General forum thread about offensive graphics, someone said they couldn't see M@tteo's picture.

I get the dreaded red "x" every now and then, when I cannot get it to show up by refreshing the screen this is what I do.

Right click on the red "x" and copy the address from properties, then open a new window, paste in the address and voila!

A bit cumbersome, but I get to see the picture.

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Slider, don't know why, but I still get the red"x"

I can see it if I do what I said in the first post.
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OH there it is!
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Reload on to one of my servers and now this sucker will work.
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Ta, slider and skier_j.
I'm afraid that the italian net backbone isn't that fast(or wide)...Other than that, I couldn't see any reason why the pic couldn't be seen by some...and yet be seen by other...
Ahh misterys
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