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Online Photos 2

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The reason why the online photos thread started:

Can you guess the moutain? Taken last weekend of June.

One of the chutes that we skied.

Thanks again Bob for inviting me along. It was a great time, and I really enjoyed myself.

EDIT: Fixed Link.

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Can't give a guess but here's another. Bears have skied here. But no peeking and no points for mountain, must be trail or area.

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Well that just makes me hot under the collar!!!!

Darn you Alta!
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Hmmmmm, this thread seems to be about skiing so it must have been posted by mistake.
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In order to post some ski pix here on Epic, I was just about to sign up with ImageStation and noticed some of the fine print. In particular, the section attached below caught my eye.

If I read this correctly (Oboe, Gonz - help!), by accepting their TOS, I grant them the right to do anything they want with my pix, and not pay me a red cent if they make a profit through their use of my images. I used to do professional wedding photography, and this *really* rubs me the wrong way.

Obviously, I can (and will) vote with my feet and walk away and not accept their TOS, however, I just wanted to bring it to the attention of others who may use their service.

I also was curious if the other free image hosting services use the same language in their TOS's?

Question #2 - From a brief look at some of the other free image hosting services, it looks like many of them only allow images at quite low resolution (or only allow "outsiders" to view them at this low rez). In fact, some don't allow any external links to specific images on their sites making them useless for EpicSki users. My home ISP does allow some storage, but I don't want our home / private email adr harvested by the spam-bots (or worse). Suggestions anybody?

Tom / PM

Edit: (1) Whoops - forgot to append the offending text. (2) Added question #2.

From their Membership Agreement / TOS:

" ... In consideration for the Service, and the potential benefits related thereto, you grant ImageStation, its successors, licensees and assigns, a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty free license to use, modify, reproduce, distribute, publish, publicly perform, and publicly display your Member Content, by all means now known, or later created, including but not limited to display on the Internet, and in all forms of media, now known or later created.

With respect to your Public Member Content, such license includes, without limitation, (a) the right for ImageStation and third parties to access and view the portions of your Public Member Content on the Community Area; (b) the right to access, display, reproduce, modify, and transmit any portions of your Public Member Content, and to create, reproduce, display and distribute selected images, frames, thumbnails or stills from such Public Member Content. You agree that ImageStation may use the Member Content that you provide and make available on the Community Area (by selecting such an option when uploading materials on the Site, or at a later time), at any time for any other purposes. ..."

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I'm telling you PM all you need to do is start your own "community" on MSN and you can post all the pics you want.

Create a group

I have several I use. Just remember if you make it "private" you can't post pics on other boards from your community. I suggest making it read only.

Go for it - it's easy!!

Edit: AND IT'S FREE!!!!

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Thanks, SS - I'll take a look.

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Sugar -

Thank you very much for the lead. MSN groups worked great for posting my pix!

MSN didn't require the pix to be absurdly small, I could link directly to the image, and I didn't run into any lawyerese requiring me to hand over my first-born.

To see the results, take a look at the thread I started over on "General Ski Discussion" entitled, "More 'Guess Where' Pix".

Tom / PM
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Hey Sugar what happened to that photo of you, Rat and Lucky?
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Can you be a little more graphic as to where you're hot? Every time you do so, the whole place goes sideways.

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Originally posted by Kima:
Hey Sugar what happened to that photo of you, Rat and Lucky?
I'll trot it on up to our graphic designer and get him to scan it.....
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Originally posted by SCSA:

Can you be a little more graphic as to where you're hot? Every time you do so, the whole place goes sideways.

That would be the collar - my leather and chrome spiked dog collar that I wear with my thigh high black leather boots.
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Originally posted by Sugar_Snack:

That would be the collar - my leather and chrome spiked dog collar that I wear with my thigh high black leather boots. [/QB][/quote]

Uh oh now you have gone and done it. SCSA will be typing with one hand.
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Have you been out with the LS-9000 again?

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From out of the dark past .... comes ... one .. of "the snack" one of her many ...
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dang Yuki! two or three lost members all in one thread!
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Only at Epicski...

could you have a thread titled "online pictures" with only two pictures....

this thread is useless without more pictures!
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Yuki. You amaze me! Thanks for digging up old treasures!
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That does bring back a lot of fond memories.

AltaSkier was great to ski with.

SugarSnack was more consistently funny with fewer words than just about anybody I've ever read on the net. Ryan is a possible challenger but no one is in SS's league as far as pulling off the slightly-flirty-slightly-naughty-always-saucy posts she used to grace us with. I miss both of them.

And THIS brings back really nice memories:

Granny Chute, Wolverine Cirque, Big Cottonwood Canyon, June of 2002. Taken during the somewhat-annual Summer Ski Extravaganza.
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Damn Altaskier,

Anybody hear from him.

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and the little bird sez:


from L to R: fredo, altaskier, wtfh, inspector gadget, and...wow.

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I didn't know Castro skied
.or is that Che'
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major eyesight and skiutah points for identifying the resort cap on poodleboy.


greetings, m-squared.
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Old Friends

Thanks PD for letting me know this is around.

It has been some time since I've been around any ski posting board. I guess I'm like a recovering drug addict, it is easier not to be around the things that you were addicted to. Sorry I have not kept in touch with many of you, kind of crappy of me, as many of you have been very good friends over the years.

Shortly after my last posts at Epic and TGR I moved to Connecticut to be closer to a girl who I met while I lived in Utah. It was time to move on, and it was a good decision. I made it in CT exactly 3 days longer than my one year contract required me to be there for a job. My old boss looked exactly like Lumberg from Office Space, my letter of resignation was a very satisfying document to sign. Connecticut was not for me. While there I spent some time skiing Mad River Glen and a flight or two back to play at Alta and Snowbird.

I have since moved back to my hometown in southern Michigan. I am in the process of buying a small insurance agency from family (my high school ski coach is a client). I get to wake up every morning and see the local mountain peeking at me from behind the clouds. I call for an avy report every so often to confuse somebody.


I used to ski there over 100 days a year in high school. I have not skied there since moving back.

The girl and I are still together, even though she doesn't ski. I miss all of you, and wish to make tracks in the snow again as soon as possible. I'll do a bit better to keep in touch. Fredo is back in SLC. The mountain are in my future, just not the imediate future. Which mountains remain to be decided.
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Old Friends

double post...
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Originally Posted by AltaSkier View Post

Thanks PD for letting me know this is around.
It's great to hear from you and I'm glad all is well.

come out and make some turns some day.
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Good to know you're doing well, AS. Gee, you didn't care for Connecticut?

Best to you!
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Nice to hear what you're up to, AltaSkier. Hope you stop back from time to time and let us know how it goes.
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Originally Posted by AltaSkier View Post
The girl and I are still together, even though she doesn't ski.
You know there are lots of folks here that would be more than willing to help her with the skiing part....
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Two words:
Textbook Doggie.

Good to see you're still alive, AS. Give my regards to Fredo when you're next talking to him.
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