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Can I ask for your vote on Powder Mecca? And thank you for your vote on my video Nevada Ski School.....

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Thank you again for your vote on my video Nevada Ski School for the Warren Miller Home Town Hills competition. It was close with both me and the other video from Whiteface were neck and neck until the last hour of voting where we both exceed 300 votes.. Sadly, we lost but, this happens. I will try again next year.


So, too those that voted for my video last week or would like to vote for other videos. I have a HUGE favor to ask from you. Can you vote for my buddy Joey Wallis's video POWDER MECCA for Mount Bohemia. It is probably one of the best ski edits I have seen!

I hope that you can share your vote as I have for Joey's video!


The link to vote again is again is http://hometown-hills-prod.herokuapp.com/


and this works for Mobile phones too! YOU HAVE TO VOTE TONIGHT..... Or no later than midnight EST tomorrow.



Please help in getting this video to the final four. I think Joey may do a special shout out for "Nevada Ski School" too if he wins.

The video can be seen below - this is how GOOOOOOOOD IT IS...



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You might want to post the video in the Michigan thread. Bohemia has been discussed.
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Ahh. I am pretty new to regular posting on here. Thank you.


I live in NYC - after this video, I plan to take my family there! Also, Joey promised me Tele lessons if he makes it to the final four :). Good guy.

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You might want to do a little reading in that thread about Bohemia. It's not exactly Mt. Snow.

The lodge is those yurts.

Unless there's other reasons to go there, a family traveling from nyc to Bohemia seems a little insane.

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Ha.. Funny, we have stayed in Yurts too. And we ski Mad River Glen too. Which is SO opposite of what Mount Snow is.  We consider Mad River Glen our home mountain.  I guess I never posted our video report on here for Presidents Week. 



Let me know what you think of this one. Oh, that girl Tali and her sisters- hiked up Tucks and skied the headwall like when they were 9 or 10. Just a few weeks ago, she and her sisters stayed up on the Stark's nest and skied down.


As for me, we have been a bit rugged too with our kids though, our daughter is only 5 now - actually turned 5 when we shot this trip report. 

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Nice music. Good images.  Few except your family is going to watch 9 min though.


Bohemia-  it's about 1200 miles from NYC to Mt. Bohemia. Your talking 2 days of driving.

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Thanks Tog.  It is interesting - we typically first post our videos on Facebook where most of my friends - I have many people that I know that will watch it from end to end. On youtube - if I direct people there - the mix has been love it to long - to like love every minute of it.  


To us, we are not making it for the masses, it is really for us but, welcome others to watch, share their thoughts and or comments.  Funny, we have done videos that were two minutes - that we thought would be more viewed that were not. It's truly hit or miss. 


Anyway, I am glad you liked the video - and the sound track. And am happy for your feedback too.


Back onto Bohemia - how far is it from Twin Cities? Or from Detroit?

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You should go ask in that thread on Michigan. It's an absurd distance from Detroit. Like 600 miles. Imagine, you get to Detroit from Nyc and you're only half way there!  It's in a forgotten cul de sac of the US.

Put it in perspective. It's closer to drive to Orlando, Florida from Nyc than Mt. Bohemia. I thought Sugarloaf was far! lol.

We're also talking about 800 ft vertical tops.

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Wow. 600 miles from Detroit. Talk about out there.  Looking at the map now - it's 300 miles from Duluth and Saul St. Marie.  Nuts.



Speaking of the Loaf - we are debating a drive there this weekend. 

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I agree w/Tog to an extent.  It's quite a hike to get there and you could certainly get to lots of fine, fun and unique skiing establishments in a shorter time/distance.  But, if you're aware of this and still have a hankering to go then don't let anyone talk you out of it.  There aren't many out there like Bohemia.

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@ralba you should have asked for votes BEFORE they ended.  4ster has had good luck with the Snowbasin video votes from Epicski so far.  I did vote for the Nevada Ski School video while I was there, and didn't realize there was a member connection here.  That midwest entry is a hoot except for the obnoxious sound track.

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I couldn't watch it for more than 20 seconds as the music was just too obnoxious.  And if you're cutting on the beat, please cut on the beat.

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Hey all. Powder Mecca is up for vote again today 5/2/2014 and tomorrow until midnight. Do you think you can vote this round and once he is in the final 4, then it's in Warren Miller's hands. The Facebook link again -


Powder Mecca - Warren Miller FB voting link 

The direct link to the app, that also works on mobile/ipad etc: 


- Warren Miller direct link to the app I hope we can help Joey make it to the next round. 



Thanks again all. Ray

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 We hope to get Joey to the final 4.. Please help with a vote.....


It's a rolling midnite closure to the voting. So if you are in the East Coast, you probably can't vote..


For Midwest, Mountain and Pacific - you can still vote!  It would be great if you can get your vote in soon..



The link again... http://hometown-hills-prod.herokuapp.com/


Works in iPad, iPhone, Android etc.

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An extended thank you to my winter loving friends. Your votes got Powder Mecca into the final four. Thank you thank you.

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