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No local bootfitter.

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First time poster on this forum. I thought I would try here based on the knowledgeable responses to other questions.


I live in North Dakota and go skiing at least once a year. I am wanting to get my own ski boots as rentals have been killing my feet and shins. I have always heard it is best to go to a bootfitter and about a month ago I went to one in Minneapolis and tried on a few pairs of boots based on his measurements and questions for how I like to ski. They were both mondo 28.5 and were Lange RS 110 wide and Head Vector 125. He did the shell test for both boots and they must have been correct because he put the liners back in and strapped them up.  The Lange boots were tighter and I had pressure on the top of my foot pretty much right above were the ball of my foot is. I told him this and he took the boot off and asked if my foot was falling asleep and it was a little bit. Other than that they felt comfortable but pretty snug.


The Head boots were more comfortable but felt almost too loose, I could wiggle my fore foot back and forth a bit in the boot. It was after the season so he didn't have any other boots to try on as most were already sold. I was able to flex both boots well enough and the Lange felt stiffer to me even though its flex was rated 110 compared to 125 for the Head boots. Also the Lange is rated as a 100mm last and the Head boots are 103 mm. 


Its about a 6.5 to 7 hour drive back out to Minneapolis and I am not sure when I will make it back out or if I do if they will have any additional boots in stock. I have looked online at boots that seem to spec similar and have seen Dalbello Panterra 100's and Dalbello Boss's that look like good boots. My question is if anyone has had any experience with the boots I tried on or the Dalbello boots and would have any advice if they think they might work?


Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any help given, though I understand that getting a spot on boot fit through online correspondence is pretty much impossible.

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Read through the above article and pay particular attention to how to "shell fit" a boot to see if it potentially could fit you, this is the most important part of the boot purchase equation that you need to get right----the recommendation in the article is 15mm maximum of space open between the longest part of your heel and the inside of the boot shell heel cup (carry a one foot piece of 1/2 inch "CPVC" pipe----15mm outside diameter) with you to the ski shop when you try on boots and perform the shell check yourself.


you have about the same odds of winning the powerball lottery as buying the right boot off of the Internet----stick with the"find a good boot fitter' advice you have heard.


what size shoes do you wear?


what do your feet measure in centimeters (mondo)?

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Thanks for the reply miketsc.


I wear a 10-10.5 shoe (varies depending on the shoe/brand) which translated to a 28.0-28.5 mondo size. At the boot fitter he was having me try on boots that were 28.5 mondo.


It's looking like I'll have to save my pennies and be ready for when I am able to make it to a boot fitter in the future.

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Do your feet measure 28cm in length? If they do you may find you can down size to a 27.5 size shell and still have the 15mm shell check---you will ski better and still be comfortable. Forget what size boot they say should fit a 10.5 size foot----go by the shell check!!!!

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+ 1 to Mike's advice, the mondopoint to US shoe size conversion is so far out it is laughable, i buy a US12 (well a uk 11 but same thing ish) and in most boots a 28 is as big as i want, a 27 shell works in some models but it comes down to internal space rather than numbers 


where are you skiing next season? that might be the place to search out a good fitter, when you know tell us and we may be able to point you in the right direction


good luck getting sorted

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Thanks for all the replies/advice. I will likely be skiing next year in Red Lodge, Montana or the Bozeman/Big Sky area.


In June I will be heading to Minneapolis/St. Paul for a weekend and was thinking of stopping by Joe's Sporting Goods. I was doing research last night and came across their website.


Joe's Sporting Goods' website says they have 9 Master Fit University Graduates and are members of America's Best Bootfitters.  You all would know more than me about the credibility of those designations. I'm sure in June they will have limited supply but I figured I could at least stop by and see what they have.

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doing a course is not a guarantee of being a good boot fitter, unfortunately there are a number of stores hang this banner out and temp people in (their staff may have done the 1 day intro course or the 2 day dark arts immersion course or any of the courses in between)


there are a couple of instructors for Masterfit who post in here, they will be better placed to say  what/what/where

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+ 1 to CEMs advice----as I suggested before, pay close attention to how the shell check is done and whether the direction you are going in lines up with the advice in the WIKI I mentioned above---look for a fitter who has a "Cped" certification behind his name---these folks have a better understanding of the biomechanics and anatomy of the foot and lower leg plus the physics and geometry involved in skiing.



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10 - 10.5 is a size 27 and 10 could actually be a 26 so no wonder you were loose in the 28.  There is a shop in Big Sky that seems to do good work.  Don't remember the name but it is in the main mountain village and the retail space is on the second floor.


There is also a long list of very good fitters located in several U.S. areas.  You could change your plans and head to Aspen, Vail, SLC and more and definitely work with very good fitters.



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Or you could come to Canada where your dollar will go further, Ski Louise and I can help you when you land in Calgary.



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