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EpicSki Upgrade!!!

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I just completed the long awaited upgrade that included several features you guys have been asking for, and a few that I think are pretty nice but haven't been requested. The main new features include:

1. Enhanced "Currently In the Forum" functionality (tracking of most popular topics/forums)

2. Polls (we've been talking about this one for a long time, hope it was worth the wait)

3. Post Preview (view your post before it gets officially published

4. "Sent" box in addition to "In" box for your private messages. The sent box listing indicates which PMs that you have sent have been read by the recipient. Cool, eh?

5. Hopefully better speed and more stability form more efficient, streamlined programming.

6. Lots of extra behind the scene features for me to deal with hooligans. [img]smile.gif[/img] I have several customizations in mind.

So here's a poll to get you started. After you've played with the new stuff a little, vote on which new features you like the best...

[ April 16, 2002, 06:17 PM: Message edited by: AC ]
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Looking good. Like the preview part too. Alright!

I like what I see so far.... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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This place just got even better!

Well done AC, and that reminds me to write you a cheque.

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Good job AC.
Really nice!
I was stunned when I logged on tonight to see all the names of the people looged on.
I thought "WOW, what a crowd!" (for the record, there were 73 people)
I guess that seeing the names give a more immediate feeling of how many of us are "here" than just reading "there are xx members currently in the forum"

Well organized, greatly moderated, with just the right degrees of new features (and always what seems appropriate, no more, no less) at the right time!
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Yeah, M@tteo, I think the name list gives it more of a community feel, like bumping itno people you know. If this list gets too long, I may move it to the bottom (maybe in-season next year).

I'm also thinking about adding an instant message feature where you can send a short immediate note to anyone on the list -- it will appear as a pop-up box. What do you think of that?
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Oh, I forgot to mention that there is now a button at the bottom of every thread to view a "printer-friendly" formatted version of the thread.
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I like the instant message idea. It may help with the on-the-slopes meetings, especially the last minutes ones. I also just tried the post preview and like it better than I thought I would. I still type most posts elsewhere and then paste and post. But this is a nice feature for short stuff I don't care to save.
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Quick question for ya, AC...

Do polls take a lot of bandwidth? The new feature is great and really easy to use but should we use disgression in how many polls we post? I'd hate to post a relatively unimportant poll and eat up a ton of your bandwidth in the process.
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I don't think so KevinH, seems they are like any other post. They probably do in the sense that more people look at them, and re-look at them so that drives bandwidth just from usage. But we are in good shape bacndwidth-wise now that we are moving away from peak season, so poll away!
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I've been unable to vote or view results in any poll since participating in VK's first poll. I get an "error on page" message.
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Nice job, as always, AC. Thanks once again for your selfless efforts and expertise!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I have only heard from one person regarding the poll feature not working, if you are having trouble voting (you must be logged in, and must be a registered member), then let me know in a PM what you are experiencing and include your browser type, browser version, and type of machine (Mac or PC).

Also, the search function has been finicky. I'll be reseting the search index tonight when activity is lower (I'll have to close the forum for about a half hour) and if that doesn't work I'll bring in the big guns.
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Most of this is great. Not a big deal, but I miss the feature that lets you know is someone is in the process of replying to a specific thread. Gives me an excuse to stay up late! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Can you make the PM indicator change color or be more highlighted than just a number change.

I suspect people are not catching it the number change. Lucky and Weems both have PM's that they have not read yet. (hint hint hint)
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AC, the more I wander around the forums, the more I like the names list features!
As You say, it's like walking in a pub and meeting people you know!
For the same reason, the im feature would be nice.
But, the real purpouse of the forum should not
be forgotten. Maybe these new features would draw people away from posting.
(I thought so about the poll, but then, after the polling, people do post on the poll thread anyway, so I may be mistaken).
Oh, what dchan says it's true, I missed nocting that PMs were waiting for me. Luckily, with the "mail me if someone PMs me" option this can be bypassed. After few days, I now make it an habit to check closely for the PM inbox indicator.
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This is all VERY cool AC
Thanks a bunch for your efforts bud. The IM set up sounds really good too..i think it would add to the community feel on top of that from the name list.
The upgrapdes to the PM inbox and outbox are fantastic.
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One more thing.......
Originally posted by Lisamarie:
Most of this is great. Not a big deal, but I miss the feature that lets you know is someone is in the process of replying to a specific thread. Gives me an excuse to stay up late!
Where was this feature? I never came across it in my travels, and it sounds cool. It's possibly something i've seen but not picked up on.
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It used to be that you could look in the "Who's in the Forums" section, and see who was just readin, and who was replying, and to what. Like LM, I used to check it out to see if there were any new posts about to appear.

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Ahhh thanks very much Mr Fox Sir Boss I used to use that to get a full list of names, but i never realised that it had other information there also.
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Just bringing this back to the top and a reminder to check your PM indicator.

Lets see..

Lucky, Ott, RetinaDoc and Holiday all have PM's that they have not read.

Last two times I tried BobB had a full box. I don't remember what the count allowed was but you might want to clean up your PM space. If the feature is to work well we all need to watch that little counter.
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