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why I skipped Fernie...

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fellow Bears, it appears that my skipping Fernie was worthwhile. I will be sworn in on May 7, 2002. :
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Congratulations on Passing the Montana Bar.
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Congrats -- great job!
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Will you be the Barrister with a Bite now?

Oh, yeah, and congratulations. That's a really significant achievement.

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Well done, gonzo.
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Congrats. Glad to see there is at least one "truth seeker and fact finder" in the Montana Bar.
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What will you be practicing?
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Deep breath, exhale, and play for a while...

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Congrats, gonzo, I watch "|The Practice" all the time

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Way to Go!!! But of course, none of us had any doubts about your talents as an attorney! [img]smile.gif[/img]

But NO excuses next year at Alta, Ok???
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Great news Gonz,
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OK, Gonz, from Brother oboe: YES!! Those of us who've been there, done that, know what it is. It's been over thirty-five years since I've had to do that, and it would be a daunting task, I'm sure, if I had to do it again. Hmmmmm . . . I've always had an attraction to the ALPS. Great place to ski, no?
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Montana has laws?
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Montana Bar

can't says i blamez ye.
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Good job Gonz, you probably wouldn't of liked the rain much anyway.
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Well done Gonzo!

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Thanks, everyone. Truly. I really was sorry to miss Fernie.

But next year at AltaBird? you bet I'll be there. :
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Ryan... Havre is SCARY! Notice the lack of windows? I'll use my digital camera to get some shots of my favorite Missoula watering holes.

BadRat... I work in-house for a peculiar little company named after a mountain range. Like Brother Oboe, I enjoy skiing there too.

Ott... unfortunately, I'm not handsome enough to play a lawyer on TV! Good thing real lawyers don't have to be handsome.

Kneale... funny, I'd always thought I had a strong bite. I guess I'm like one of those loud dogs - bark worse than bite.

BenS... yes, unfortunately the influx of Californians and other self-impressed and paternalistic city geeks has caused Montana to enact all kinds of dumb laws, like speed limits and an upcoming prohibition against open containers of alcoholic bevs.
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Hmmm, the Bar exam. Must be one of those wussie tests for guys who couldn't hack engineering and earn the P.E.

Congrats! Remember, only use your powers for good....
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by gonzostrike:
fellow Bears, it appears that my skipping Fernie was worthwhile. I will be sworn in on May 7, 2002. :<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Congratulations gonzo!

At least you have a good reason for not meeting the Bears in Fernie. I was there and missed everyone of them.
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Way cool!!!! Do you give Montana bears discounts on legal services?
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You can never have too many lawyer friends...

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Way to go Gonz, is this going to cut into your fishing time?
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congrats Gonzo
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Hey gonz,

So you never told us (or maybe I never figured it out) what kind of lawyer you're going to be.

Way to go again!
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Now that you're a member of a profession, two things---
1. make sure you make time to do some pro bono work--a divorce, landlord tenant dispute, something along those lines. You'll feel good about yourself, learn something, and besides you owe it to the world.
2. there's a good discussion going on right now in one of the instruction threads on what it means to be a professional (The Elephant in the Living Room). At this junction point in your life, you might find it pretty interesting. They are all coming at it from different angles, but most of them are right.
Again, congratulations.
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Perhaps I misunderstood- I thought that Gonzostrike already WAS a lawyer, but inasmuch as he has relocated to Montana, he's now taken steps to be admitted to practice there. Gonz, please set me straight on this. As for the "pro bono" work, many if not most states have a "Legal Aid" office or some such thing to represent indigent persons in divorce, landlord/tenant, etc. Even so, most of the lawyers I know donate their professional time and advice in the interest of making a contribution to their communities free of charge - as I am advising a "Public Access" TV channel and a Waldorf School, and in the past have provided professional services to other non-profit, charitable or public service entities. In my own view, which some may share and others not, lawyers ought to be no more and no less responsible for contributions to their communities than any other profession.

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a legal lawyer at the bar .... Does he do bar snacks or are they too risky?

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No, oz, he not AT the bar - he PAST the bar. he got to do his drinkin like the rest of the brothers and sisters. behind hsi desk when no one lookin
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