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Well, if you're going to finish off the season, this is often one of the best places to do it.


I decided during last SLC trip that I needed something faster turning for powder in the trees, so a local friend here hooked me up with some Patrons, which were intended to go back to SLC, however, StartHaus had a stupid-good deal, so the Whistler Patrons will stay at Whistler, and the Start Haus ones will be in Florida for me to ogle until the snow flies in SLC. So, for now, this is the WB quiver (I'll find a way to make it through the season I suspect):



So anyway, Ullr was kind, and there was 6-8 this morning of Utah blower pow:



Admittedly, it was pretty hard underneath, but with enough speed, the float was good.


I made it a short day, as, in typical WB fashion, visibility was a theoretical concept. Tomorrow supposed to be nice, and the pow wasn't played, so an early day and a hot tub await: