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chat room/ channel

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So would any of the Bear's be interested if thier was a chat room/channel open to us, say using Mirc chat.
I would be more than willing to open it and try my hand in running it.
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I love the idea....certainly would allow for the bears to get to know each other a little better

Shame about this though..... http://www.mirc.co.uk/help/mac.html
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I found this for Mac users. http://ircle.com
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I just asked in another thread if this was of interest, but the response seemed negative.

Let me know, I am contemplating incorporating one into the forum where you can see who is online and invite them to a real-time chat session. Your username would appear automatically as you entered the chat room, and from the main forum page you would see at any given time how many members are in there.
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Sounds great AC..i hope theres enough people for it to make it viable.
TR@DV, thanks very much for going to the trouble of searching that out mate.
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I think that would be fun AC.

IRC chat is interesting, but there is great potential for abuse by hackers getting into YOUR system. It's fun, but you have to be careful to protect yourself.

Anyone into ANSI/ASCII art? I have a few for skiing that I made a looong time ago...

There are some forums that use various web based chat clients.
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