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Summit County Resorts

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Has anyone ever flown into Denver mid morning and caught a shuttle to a Summit County Resort for afternoon skiing? I know I have read stories of SLC trips with afternoon skiing the first afternoon, but never about CO. 

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Difficult with shuttle schedules. 


Flying west to Den or East?   From EC you have to take ~6am flight and rental car to have any appreciable ski time, depending on mtn.

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I don 't know about shuttling, checking in, etc.
But renting a car, I'm consittantly passing Loveland a hour after leaving the airport.
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I got an early morning flight out of Houston last year and I was skiing Abasin shortly after 9.  I rented a car.  Not sure what your flight/shuttle schedule options are, but it's certainly doable.  You can make it to Loveland within 2 hours of landing (includes time to unload plane, get skis at bag claim, rent car and drive there)


Avoid Sat/Sunday for traffic reasons.

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