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April Winter - Jay Peak, VT - Happy Skeaster

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Hey All, I hope you like our latest segment and I look forward to including some of you in our journals next year. This compliments the report given by Jonathan Keller - that I was hoping to run into at the mountain.  Worth seeing this to the end - at least that is what has been reported so far :rolleyes.




This might have been the best East Coast ski season on record and it's still going for many. I know for many of you are ready to move on but, to me it was a special one. Skiing with my kids on steeps and in trees for a first time; well nothing can be said about that. Here is the latest of our video ski journal that I think all my skiing and boarding friends might like. Next season we are asking that our skier and boarder friends contact us to be part of our ongoing journal. We hope to see you on the slopes somewhere. The latest - April Winter recorded at Jay Peak, VT just last weekend. — with Tom Thrash, Alicia, Alessandro, Nevada and Ray Alba at Jay Peak Resort

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Your kids are awesome.

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Thanks Jonathan.. I was pretty much done with winter since we had stopped skiing back in 2001. I think we went like one day which is so different than the 40 or more days my wife I used to get.  We had an older son, sadly we lost him 7 years ago, actually on April 19 our first day on the mountain. Even though he isn't here with us physically, I know he is here with us here spiritually. I get the sense he is the reason we had snow at Jay Peak this Saturday. Call it crazy but, we got that sense.


Anyway, the winter of 2010 did it in for us when our middle son was old enough, we were stuck in 3 feet of snow the day after Christmas, it was 20 degrees out and Santa got our son Sandro a snowboard. Sandro had never been on a snowboard or skateboard but, is pretty well coordinated. He zipped down a hill near us in the freezing, snow laden street near us and we looked in amazement that he was cruising. My wife Alicia then looked at me and said, "Maybe we should start skiing again".  My reply, "F@CK YEAH".  So, we became junkies again getting in more than 30 day a year since - wishing we could do more!


We have been keeping video journals for sometime now, at least 14 years and on FB since about 2008. Most though were cycling related and I was pretty stoked that the cameras are so light now, that recording while being active is LOADS easier. I have been shooting with an iON Pro, a Lumix TS10 (old but, still works shoots 720P) and my Nikon P7000 (though only the last few videos).  We have more stuff up on youtube under ralba1998.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR35AmubnpFE4j8uIsVVcQA


You are in the city and it would be good to meet up with other ski families! And of course to make some fun videos. Glad you like this one. 

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Thats a pretty sweet video Trip report. You should do more. I really liked how you labeled what runs you were on

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Thanks Robert. I am just doing this for fun and last year, we started to show more of our friends and they liked them too. So we are evolving. Would love to ski with you and sorry we didn't cross paths at Jay.. Next season or if we do Tucks.... Did you see the weekend with Drew? Epic Ski featured it on the carousel a few weeks back.. That is when I started putting labels on the runs.. Not my idea, it was from a good friend that I have been doing ski trip reports with his kids that last 3 seasons. 


Let me know what you think of this Mount Snow report..  I have a channel - not all skiing though...https://www.youtube.com/user/ralba1998




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Yea I just watched the mount Snow report. That was pretty sweet as well. It would be awesome to meet up at Jay, or even Smuggs. Keep the TR's coming!

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Did you see it snowed last night at Jay? 


Man, if I didn't hit that dead raccoon 2 weeks ago! My car was in the shop Fri-Saturday for repairs. This is now at Jay.. Crazy..   


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I'm hoping to get up there on closing day

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Did you make it up Robert?


I just got back from NOLA early AM - was a wreck and too tired to make the drive Da'Apple.

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