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vintage ski pins

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any interest out there in vintage ski pins? My father produced them in the 60's and I ended up with lots of pins from clubs, resorts, and "lost ski areas"...you name the club or place and I may have a pin from there...Cliff

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May Mountain, Maine.

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Does a Nagano Olympic pin count? Used to have several from areas we visited as a kid... wish I knew where they are.

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sorry, don't have that one.....go fish

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but I do have three tri-aspen pins that are triangular with the aspen leaf in the center....

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since you are from the PNW, I do have a Mt. Baker pin, though....from when you could ski there with a skier on it

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Originally Posted by Bob Barnes View Post

May Mountain, Maine.


Bob, does this bring back fond memories of skiing in The County?


- warmest greetings from your home state.




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Yep--D1--I spent many a weekend as a kid riding the old T-Bar at May Mountain, just under 30 miles southwest of where I grew up. Like so many great little ski areas, it's long since abandoned and grown over. Very sad.


Best regards,


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And if you were growing up in The County these days, this is where your memories would be forged.



My best to you,


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Yes, D1--we skied Big Rock (more commonly known as "Mars Hill," which is the name of both the town it's in and the mountain it's on) on the weekends when we didn't ski at May Mountain or--when we could make the four-hour drive--Sugarloaf. I grew up about half way between Mars Hill and Island Falls (May Mountain).


Big Rock still exists, with $20 lift tickets on weekdays. I think it is the quintessential locals' area--long may its lifts turn!


Best regards,


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Originally Posted by Bob Barnes View Post

Yes, D1--we skied Big Rock (more commonly known as "Mars Hill," which is the name of both the town it's in and the mountain it's on) on the weekends when we didn't ski at May Mountain or--when we could make the four-hour drive--Sugarloaf. I grew up about half way between Mars Hill and Island Falls (May Mountain).


Big Rock still exists, with $20 lift tickets on weekdays. I think it is the quintessential locals' area--long may its lifts turn!


Best regards,



If you should ever find yourself in the old neighborhood on a willing winter's day, it would be a pleasure "Rocking" a few turns with you.

I'll even bring the Moxie - again.


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Um, can we just go to Highlands instead?
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Originally Posted by qcanoe View Post

Um, can we just go to Highlands instead?

Sure, Q. But  that means you bring the Moxie.


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The "standard race" pin is a NASTAR gold, circa 1971. I was 8.

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Here are some of my pins. Not all vintage, but I'll bet you can tell which ones are.





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These are all awesome!  I never got in to the pins or patches, but I did collect trail maps for awhile.  Now I go with baseball caps and ski box stickers at each new resort I make it to.  Probably got about a dozen hats at present collected since the 80s.  Wish I had one from every single ski hill I've been to though instead of only two really old ones with most being the past 8 years. One neat thing is that NASTAR now puts the resort name on the medals.  So, I think I'll get the kids started with those.



And so you can see the areas:

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Originally Posted by qcanoe View Post

The "standard race" pin is a NASTAR gold, circa 1971. I was 8.


I have somewhere or have had one of those US Ski Team pins. I'm diggin' the patches. I've skied at all but Catamount and Magic Mt. 

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Here is a list of the pins I have, although a few may have sold by the time you see the list....I can also provide photos of the ones you are interested in....at $10 a piece. have fun! Cliff218@gmail.com


Albuquerque Ski Club
All Year FSC
Alla Mage skiers
Alpine Meadows 3
Alpine Ski Shop
Arctic Blades FSC
Arizona Snow Bowl 2
Arrowhead Skiway
Aspen Tri Aspen 3
Bad Gastein
Beaver Valley
Bergen Ski Club
Beverly Ski Club, Chicago
Big M Manistee
Big Powderhorn
Big Tupper
Birmingham Ski Club
Black Mountain 2
Brettl-Hupfers Ski Club
Brighton Ski Bowl
Brodie Mt.
Bromley 4
Burrington Hill
Burrington Hill
Butternut Basin
Caberfae 2
Casper Mountain races
Cathedral ski Bariloche
Chamonix Mont Blanc
China Peak
Coronado Ski Club
Crested Butte
Cresthaven Ski Club
Cutty Sark liquor
Danbury Ski Club
Davos – Parsenn
Denton Hill 2
Detroit Tobi Club
Down East Ski Club
Downhill Ski Club
Elk Mt. Pa.
Elmira College Ski Club
Fargo-Moorehead Curling Club
Flopenhaufin Ski Club
Flying Dutchmen, Reading  Pa
Fort Worth Skiers
Fosters ski chalet
Fox Valley Ski Club 2
Franconia Ski Club
Garmisch Partenkirchen 3
Gibertson Ski School
Glendale Ski Club
Glenwood Acres 3
Golden Age Ski Club
Gore Mt. 4
Grossinger Ski School 2
Grosstal Ski Center, Allgany NY
Hans Thorner 2
Heavenly Valley
Hecht Ski Shop D.C.
Heil Ski
Hickory Hill Warrensburg, NY
Hidden Valley Estes Park
Hill AFB Utah Invitational Ski Meet
Hochflieger Ski Club 2
Hogback Mt., Marlboro Vt 2
Holiday Valley Instructor Ski School and resort  4
Holiday Valley, Ellicottville, NY
Holyoke Mt. Tom Ski Club
Honeywell Ski Club
House of Skis
Hunter Mt. Ski Bowl Standard Race
Indianhead Mountain, Upper Michigan 3
Innsbruck Binghamton, NY
Innsbruck crossed skis
Innsbruck Tyrol
Innsbruck Winter Olympics 1964
Internatial Lederhosen Ski Club Buffalo
Iriquois Mountain Alpine Ski Club
Irish Hills Shamrock Ski School
Italia Sestriere
Jonas Ski Chalet Ski School
JTB Japan Tour Japanese Tourist Bureau
June Mountain
Kandahar Ski Club
Kanowa Farm Game Club
Killington Basin
King Pine
King Ridge
Kings Hill Montana
Kissing Bridge
Kitzbuhel Tirol
Langaufers Ski Club
Laurel Mountain Instructor
Laurel Mountain Ski Area
Laurel Mountain Ski School
Levi's Ski Rodeo 1965
Liberty Ski Club Grossinger NY Tony Kastner Ski School
Lost Valley Auburn Me
Mad River Glen
Madison Ski Club Y 64
Magic Mountain
Magic Mountain Hans Thorner Ski School
Majestic Hills
Maple Valley
Miami woman's bowling Assoc.
Michigan Bell Ski Club MBSC
Miramar Ski Club
Mohawk Mountain Conn.
Mon Valley Ski Club
Monson Academy Ski Team
Mont Kingston SteAgathe PQ Canada
Mont Tremblant Lodge, Que. Canada
Montrose HS Ski Club
Moose Hill Ski Area
Mount Ripley
Mount Shasta
Mount Southington
Mount-Teers Ski Club Saugerties, NY
Mt. Ascutney Windsor, Vt.
Mt. Bachelor
Mt. Baker Washington
Mt. Cathalia
Mt. Holly
Mt. Mansfield Stowe Vt.
Mt. Otsego Cooperstown NY
Mt. Peter
Mt. Sunapee Area Ski Club
Mt. Waterman
Nava Ski Club
Neil Robinson Ski School Agamenticus
New Haven Ski Club
Nor-Ski Ridge Door County
North Jersey Whiz Skiers
North Star Ski Club
Norwalk Ski Club
Obertsdorf Allgau
Obertsdorf Skiflugschanze
Ocean County NJ Ski Club
Onandaga Ski Club Syracuse, NY
Otis Ridge
Patchogue Sport Shop
Pat's Peak, Henniker, NH
Petersburg Pass in the Tri State Area
Pico Peak
Pine Knob
Pine Mountain
Plainfield Ski Club
Plan de Gralba M. 1787 2200
Pleasant Mt. Ski School Bridgton Me
Polecat Ski Club
Post Ski NY
Poverty Hill Ellicottville, NY
Powder Hill Ski Area Conn
Rainbow Ridge Bracebridge
Raritan Valley Outing Club
Red Deer Canyon Lodge
Red Lodge Montana
Red Lodge Montana Standard Race
Red Lodge Ski Tipi
Refugio Cerro Cathedral 1950
Rib Mountian Wausau Wisconsin
Rochester Ski Club
Roseau Minn Curling Club
Rutland Ski School
S.C. Bariloche
Sandia Park
Santa Fe Ski Basin
Satan's Ridge
Satellite Ski Club
Scan Ski Club Worcester Mass
Schussmeisters Flint
Scotch Valley Ski School
Seven Springs Champion, Pa
Shaker Village
Shoreline Retriever Club
Sierra Blanca Ski Area
Silver Bell Village
Silver Bells Wells, NY
Silver Valley Tawas
Silvermine Ski Center
Ski Bees
Ski Club of America
Ski Quacks U. of O.
Ski Rack Williamsville  NY
Ski Single Club
Ski Stoner Colorado
Ski Tour Instructors Alliance STIA
Skibees Ski Tours
Ski-O-Freenix Ski Club
Skoaler's Hayward Calif
Slide Mt. Nevada
Smuggler's Notch
Sno Mads
Snow Basin
Snow Eagle
Snow Valley Gaylord Mich
So. Calif. Inter-Club Assoc.
Song Mountain
Spring Ski Club
Springfield Ski Club Instructor
Sprout Springs
Squaw Mt.
Squaw Valley Blyth Arena
St. Anton, Arlberg
St. Moritz
Ste. Agathie Ski Club
Sterling Forest Tuxedo, NY
Sugarbush Valley
Sun Valley  
Sun Valley Idaho (plastic)
Sunday River
Telemark Ski Club
Temple Mountain
Thunder Mountain
Tomahawk Ski Bowl
Trail Sweepers Kingston NY
Trailblazers Ski Club
Usquebaugh Ski Club
Vail Ski School
Wachusett Mountain
Walloon Hills
Walter Foeger Ski School Jay Peak
Wellesley High Ski Club
White Plains Ski Club NY
Whitneys in Jackson NH
Wide World of Sports ABC
Wildcat Mt. Ski Club
Willard Mountain
Winter Park
Wissahickson Ski Club
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Nice list.  A coach suggested that my son collect pins for each mountain when he was 5.  It's been fun as he's up to 26 ski areas and it's become a ritual to go buy a

pin for each area at the end of the day.


He didn't get one for Silverton, CO as there wasn't any?  Any chance on that one?


And was wondering about a mountain that closed years ago, Krackta Ridge (not even sure I spelled it right?)  It was just past Waterman Ski Area in So Cal?

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Kracta is the one with the solo chair....tres cool

and there is a Silverton, I just dont have their pin...

Cool logo, though:


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I have had alot of interest in my vintage ski pin collections..thanks..

to simplify matters, I will sell them to the first person that gives me 

their address to mail them. It is getting to complicated with holding 

orders. they are just $10....thanks for your interest


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My pin collection - I started in the mid 70s when I was a kid.


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very nice collection! and nicely displayed as well....

I see a little opening on the left side second column...feel free to let me 

know which you would like to fill it with!


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Cliff, it has become apparent that your real goal here is to sell stuff. Suggest keeping that angle in the gear swap forum, not here in General Discussion.
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How do I move it?

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Sorry if I mis-used your forum.  I am obviously new to this site and likely approached it wrong. I now see that I would have to earn some points in order to post on the gear swap forum. I have interacted with many from your site and I would welcome thier feedback about how I have done. Please advise as to how to proceed at this point. I am more than willing to remove my listings 

altogether or to a more appropriate site.


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another question: would it violate your rules if I posted one more item with my original listing to ask people to rate me with feedback so I can sell on your gear swap site? or maybe it would be more appropriate for you to do that....I have dealt with members with integrity and patience and I am liquidating pins that I inherited at a very reasonable price...I look forward to working within your guidelines


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Cliff, you have plenty of feedback points...go to gear swap!


Meanwhile, you have a good thread on the subject of these nostalgic pins.  No problem. Enjoy the conversation and help us learn more about these.

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I toyed with the idea of flagging this as spam at first but think it is a good topic. The gear swap reputation hurdle prevents some fraud. Post more photos of pins everyone. Not a lot different than the retro thread folks selling and swapping stuff Imo.
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I have tons of Olympic pins that I've been collecting. I will need to take some pictures this weekend so we can show off our other hardware.

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