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In my 1st camp, my coach diplomatically made me (and another guy) realize that our skiing sucked.  We fixed a few things in real time, but most took longer than that.  It was the start of a major, major overhaul of my skiing. 




Let me ask, do they move you up if you show improvement? I am a little concerned about how people state they don't really provide too much feedback. I've skied Gauthier and different portions of the East Wall at A-Basin, Prima Cornice at Vail, highlands bowl and a few other difficult trails without too much trouble, but like mdf was saying, I'm sure I'll be told my technique sucks. Which I'm ok with! But only if I'll get feedback to improve, rather than the coaches expecting me to improve on my own by picking up stuff from the other skiers in the group.


I'm definitely timid as well when it comes to new double black terrain I've never been on, until I ski it once or twice and know what to expect, then I'll get more aggressive. While I'd assume the coaches wouldn't lead us off of a cliff without a forewarning first (Do we ski in line and they watch us come down, or do they wait at the bottom and let us take our own line?), I'm not sure if they expect us to be super aggressive in unfamiliar terrain at first. 


They shouldn't have to move you up if you show improvement, because everyone is supposed to improve. ;)


Seriously, the coordinators come around at the first lunch and ask if anyone feels they wound up in the wrong group.  And they move a few people around later, if a mismatch becomes obvious.  There is a lot of room for varying ability in the camp.  They are going to push you, but not beyond what you can do.


I would have reservations about taking regular, non-camp lessons during a camp week.  It soaks up a lot of instructors, and it's a high-prestige gig, so most of the instructors that can work the camp do work the camp.  (Some exceptions, notably our own TetonPowderJunkie, have scheduling conflicts, but still, as a rule...).  At my last camp, there were two sections at the top level, four sections in the next level, and lots of sections in lots of lower sections I didn't count.


I wouldn't worry too much about the "don't really provide too much feedback."  If you have big technique issues they will tell you.  But most people at mid-level and above have more subtle issues (commitment, line) and they work on that.

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... One of the advantages of the S&D program is Early Tram privileges each day, MountainX meets at 9:45 and really gets going around 10:20.  An S&D day is effectively 90 min longer and on a powder day will get you some untracked.  The S&D Camp also features a video session and an OB experience with one of our Mountain Guides.  There are social events in the evenings and a video blooper reel.



So is S&D a good deal or not?  

According to the website, this year it is $1,330 including lifts.

MountainX is $210 with lift.


S&D runs 9 to 4 minus an hour for lunch, or 6 hours.

MountainX skis 90 minutes less, or 4.5 hours.


If you scale MountainX up to the same number of hours, you get $1120. So you do pay a $210 premium for S&D.


You might eat and drink enough at apres and the banquet to cover most of that.   We are getting closer.


But the biggest difference is the 1/2 day of out-of-bounds guiding.

The OB guide price isn't on the webstit, but I think it is the same as private lessons.

4 people sharing a 1/2 day afternoon is $1800, or $450 per person, which is $240 more than MountainX.  That is pretty much the difference right there..


And then there is the intangible but major benefit of early-ups, especially on a powder day.


Conclusion - S&D is not a steal, but it is fairly priced, at least relative to the other JH options.


Another thought - JH Resort Lodging sometimes runs a camp + lodging package, which can be a significant discount.  Unfortunately they are usually set up so you need two campers to get the discount.  But is is worth checking.

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Appreciate all of the feedback!


On a random note, what's this all about??




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Here's a photo of my wife and a couple of her friends on top of the tram on July 6, 2011:



They LOVED the ride!

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