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The cheque (or check!) is, as they, say In the Post!

Keep up the brilliant work!

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Raubin, I used to receive donations through a paypal account, but no more since they changed their policy and require a fee-based premium upgrade to receive credit card payments (and they used ethically questionable ploys to trick users into such upgrades). So I can't get payments made via credit card on PayPal (if you have a paypal account that has cash in it form some means other than a credit card, that is fine -- my paypal account e-mail in that case is: august@epicski.com).
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Thanks AC, thanks to this site I...

1) finally had my boots fixed thanks to DChans bootfitter...and lets just say its about bloody time !!!
2) met a bunch of awsome people from all over the US that I can easily stay in touch with.
3)met Skiminker and made a wonderful new friend to hang out and ski with
4) had some absolutely epic days skiing with fello Bears
5) learnt more about my skiing, and believe me I have lots to learn, than I've done in years and years and years...
6) learnt about squirrels

and of course,

7) wasted hours and hours of otherwise productive work time

THANKS...cheque is in the post.
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The check is in the mail (e).

Thanks AC!

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Guess that 20 I sent a few months ago didn't QUITE cover everything . I forgot to factor in Where the Fox Hat's err voluminous--and excellent BTW-- contributions. I was just about the send a millon dollars or so to adjust for the "Fox Factor" but since he'll be employed soon (Good luck!!!) I figure another 20 should do...

Seriously, all, there's no reason AC should have to financially support this site, especially given all the time he puts in. A few bucks a month from all of us is all it takes :
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OK, so now I'm getting blamed for the hit rate going up!

AC, can you wait to end March/early April for my contribution?
As the 25ml serving of Whiskey said: "I'm a little short"

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The check's in the mail.

Thanks for the great forum, AC!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I am soo glad your site didn't close before I came back. I would have miss you all to much.

Please send me a mailing adress for my Donation, I love this site to much to let it go.

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Hi Becca--welcome back! I like your new screen name, by-the-way--although it's a little harder to have "fun" with it.....

There's a link at the bottom of this page to AC's address, with instructions for those who wish to make a donation. Or you can click here.

AC--what are the statistics for February? How are we doing as far as helping you finance this site. I really don't feel like the service you provide should have to come out of your own pocket!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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