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Length recommendation, Line Influence 115

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I am 180cm and 75kg, whatever that is in the standard units of this forum: 180cm = 5feet + 11 inches and 75kg = 165 lbs if I get it right.


I consider myself and expert skier on groomers and am in a steep learning curve in powder, consider myself something like advanced right now. I ski mainly in the Nordics and the Alps and powder to me is 1-2 feet of snow, rarely deeper.


Three years back or so I bought a pair of Line Influence. It was the black version before the tapers were introduced, maybe 2011 or so. Then I bought a 179cm pair. Now that I get more experienced, I think I bought too short skis. 


Currently there is a sale for Line skis at my local shop. I am considering the Line Influence 186cm or 192cm, and am leaning towards the 192cm, particularly since I believe that the tapers (and increased rocker if I got it right) give the skis a more maneuverable feel. 


Any advice from the forum? 186 or 192?




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My 2 cents,


At your weight, a 192 seems long, and the 186 seems reasonable. I am not too familiar with those skis, but 186 seems good.

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the 186 should be around 183 tip to tail, but the ski is somewhat burly not the stiffest out there but definitely not a noodle as well it's a pretty good charger that's not too demanding!


@Spooky skis the 192 but I think he is heavier than you, but maybe he can comment on the 186 vs 192.


I'd say you probably can handle both skis, it really depends on how your style is, if you like to go faster and charge harder the 192 shouldn't be a problem, if you prefer a more easygoing and playful 186.

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Thanks for the input. The 186 sounds like the right choice then.

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I'm pretty much exactly your size.  186 no doubt.

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The tape pulls are significantly shorter for these skis:

192cm = 188cm

186cm = 182cm


I would read this http://blistergearreview.com/gear-reviews/2012-2013-line-influence-115 as these guys are much different than the version before.


I ski the 192s mounted +1.5cm from the rec line at 5'11" 185ish. Fun ski. For me, 192s are very maneuverable and I ski them most of the time whenever the snow is soft, which this year from Feb-April was nearly everyday at Alta, in an all mountain fashion. The have a nice profile and they ski fresh snow very well.


Like what mfa81 said, the length should be chosen based on what you want to do with these skis. I would too be leaning to 186 for you, but still, I haven't seen you ski.  


Just so you know, they are pretty soft in the shovels, though they are decently stiff underfoot and in the tail. When I am feeling good, I can unleash on them in powder/tracked/crudy/bumped conditions, but they do get quite noodly and I have learned on multiple occasions that they do have a speed limit. I did move on for awhile to the Moment bibby pro for unleashing days though. 

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Thanks a lot Spooky for the detailed info. The review you pointed to was also really helpful. 


The length is still a question. Blister Gear Review said:

"But because these are so incredibly easy to ski, if this is going to be your pow ski, size up. The 12/13 Influence 115 skis short. Line will be offering a 192cm model, and I would take the extra length and wouldn’t worry for a second about a loss of quickness or maneuverability."


About my ability: I cannot guess more than you in a sense :) I have heard that 80% of the skiers think they are well above average. My perception may be wrong too.


Maybe I can also post this question: Has anyone skied the 192 and found it too hard to maneuver?


My original thought was that my 14-year old son would take my 179cm Influence for next year and I would step up to the 186 or 192. After reading the review though I rather lean towards that I should buy the new 179cm for him as he is much lighter than me and the new version seems to suit that better, and I should stay on my old pair. 


So I now know a lot more, but am just as ambivalent in the decision... 

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^^ Careful about which year's version of this ski you read about.  It has changed a few times.  One recent year quite dramatically so.

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^^^Yes. The 12/13 13/14 are the same skis, but different from your 179s.


The newer ones will ski pow in a more surfy playful poppy manner than your 179s. They are really easy to ski and they are a lot of fun. If you don't plan on jumping off anything or skiing at high speeds... you should just get the 186s and not look back. 

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Originally Posted by Spooky View Post

I did move on for awhile to the Moment bibby pro for unleashing days though. 

118 or 120? how do you like it?
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Originally Posted by mfa81 View Post

118 or 120? how do you like it?

The old ones. Haven't been on the new ones. 

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