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Hey guys, since I'm in the process of rebuilding my road bike, I'm making myself a list of all parts in use and the corresponding torque specs. Came across this torque spec list on the Park Tool site, figured I'd share it in case anyone's looking for torque specs.



Park Tool Torque Spec Chart:



Note: the Torque Equivalencies (conversions) at the bottom is tab delimited, so you can copy and paste the whole section neatly into Excel or (Google spreadsheet app). This is a helpful chart in case your torque wrench only indicates In-lb or Nm.



P.S.  Actually, there are spec's for MTB components in the Park chart too, but I don't know how to change the thread title. :)


P.P.S. Here's one more chart which you might like, as it has In-lbs and Nm torque specs listed next to each other:

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