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AT binding info needed

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I am looking for an AT binding to match with my Garmont Megaride boots. They are tech boots with the pin holes for tech bindings, but I use them with Fritschi Freerides. They have rubber soles and a slight uptilt at the toe. I believe that the AT products offered by Marker, Solomon, etc are not compatible with these boots.


I recently bought new skis (Cham 97 HM) and am trying to define what range of choices I have. I like the Fritschis. A tech binding would be a new learning experience for me. I am 80% downhill, but I do like day-long climbing excursions. Price always matters, but less so considering that I expect to have them for years of dependable use, which I value more.


I am not a high speed jumper when I downhill. I prefer to keep my feet on the ground. I prefer to ski steep technical glades at Sugarbush and MRG.


Is it time to try tech or stay with my familiar Fritschis, assuming the other models do not work with my boots.


Thanks for looking and sharing any experience, fact or opinion with me.



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If you are using an AT boot in a frame binding the frame binding must have toe hight adjustment and a moving ADF. MArker Duke/Baron/Tour and Fritschi Freeride bindings all have this.  The Salomon Guardian (and rebranded) does not have a moving ADF and should not be used with vibram or rocker soled AT boots.


As you have boots with tech fittings why not just use a tech binding?

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Originally Posted by Taxman View Post

The Salomon Guardian (and rebranded) does not have a moving ADF and should not be used with vibram or rocker soled AT boots.

think this is changing next year, I guess the guardian/tracker are using the same toe piece of the warden, they are calling mnc (multi norm certified)
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Thanks for your response and clarification.


I am thinking hard about the tech, I am probably 80% new england lift serviced/20% day-long excursion.


I haven't ruled out techs, but the fritschis have been perfect for me. Now is the time to pick the right option. I won't change again for 5 years.



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If you are not changing for 5 years go straight to a pair of tech bindings. Guaranteed once you head out of bounds you wont look back and then light is right.

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