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KeeTov is Hebrew for "It is good".
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My initials are R.B. Say RB fast and you get Arby. Pretty lame, I know. :
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No way man, Ponch got all the ladies. Now Grossman and the Sarge?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by 7 Mary 3:
No way man, Ponch got all the ladies. Now Grossman and the Sarge?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Well OK, maybe not Ponch and Jon...but what about Starsky and Hutch?
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Jed Clampett and Granny. Swingers?
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Skied all my life in VT. Short trails, slow long chairs, and tows.
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girthman....5'9" 220 lbs. linebacker in a former life...do I really need to explain this one? BTW, it was hung on me by some of my favorite ski pals...

"Girthman! Able to level moguls in a single face plant! Faster than a speeding skiwee! Stonger than the hairspray of a Staten Island skier!"

...gravity is my best friend...
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My friends call me Warren Miller Girl because I was crazy enough to start skiing black diamonds on my 3rd day ever skiing and never went back. In fact, I just get more and more crazy. Maybe they should call me Stupid Girl. : but hey, at least I'm having FUN! : [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Well I was formerly here as Needin Snow since I was living in south Florida, but switched to DaMtnRider mainly because I was looking at something that I could use for skiing and MTB forums.
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Mine is pretty self-explanatory, the kids I ski with call me a skibunny sometimes.. I ride with guys a lot, so thats the funny part... and I ride K2's..... excellent...
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My two worlds since I bid the suit and tie brigade adios. Teaching sliding and teaching swinging(golf clubs). :
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I fall a lot, and I do it freely.
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spork...The single most important invention of man kind I want to model myself after that. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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First & last name initials. Nothing to do with TV, Texas, or personality.
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Should have done this last year. jyrddog is, of course, junkyard dog. Originally it was a handle I used in some of my flight simulator games. Then I realized there were two other connections: 1. the Jim Croce tune, 2. reference to my occupation: to wit- I am a teacher with a certification kindergarten through 9th grade or k-9. Of course k-9 or k9 refers to dogs, so I call my certification my dog tags! I also answer to 1. jyd, 2. yard dog, 3. the dog, 4. hey you, 5. dinner's ready!
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well... rossi because I used to ride on Rossignols (now Elans) and it would be "rossigirl" cuz I'm a girl, but 9 is my fave number and it also looks like a "g" so it works!!! :
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My initials...lame I know. But I use the same handle in a bunch of different forums: audiworld, i-club, clubdub...did I mention that I'm into cars just a little bit?
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jyarddog, i havent seen you here in awhile. I remmeber i talked to you about carving technique last spring. I changed my name from Xscream179 to Heluvaskier. Glad to see you back here and chatting with us again.
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Mine.. well its really a mockary on my own style of skiing. One of poeple that I ski with, told me to that i dont really ski i just drag my knuckles on the snow. Like a dirty "Retard ora person" (snowboarder). side to side edge to edge, generally at about mach 2 !
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Mine's my refuge name, or name I was given after taking refuge vows. (Buddhist thing.) Lodro Sershing, roughly translated "Intellect Goldtree." I use it on forums and such, because while its a "real" name its not the name I usually go by. Now, aren't you sorry you asked?

Its really cool finding out about all of the ways people came up with their screen names.
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I grew up in Norway and did a lot of skiing at a near by resort called Norefjell. The Olympic Games were held there in 1952 (GS adn DH). It was a great mountain with lots of potential. We raced there a couple of times a year back in the days of one run GS with a run over 2min 20 sec. Really a killer race. Not much was done at this mountain from 1952 until 1971 when I left. Paid a visit there last summer, and boy has it changed. Would love to ski there now.
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Greg- Didn't we e-mail a few times? Did I send you a fuzzy picture, and you sent it back with red lines showing angluation?
E-mail me again. My hard drive did a melt down, and I lost everything.

neat stories behind these handles!
Norefjell How do you pronounce your handle?

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Not difficult really, just as it is written. I could try to do a formal explanation, but my phoenics skills are sorely lacking. You may be familiar with and have heard the pronounciation of Kvitfjell (Lillehammer Olympic DH & SG site). Norefjell is similar. Try "nor a fee el" (long a). Thanks for asking.
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L- is the first letter of my last name, brother- means i have a brother that also shreds the slopes.
1- i was the first to sign on

If anyone has herd of the Ludke brothers in the East, here we are!
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I use mine because for me it really is....
"The site where obsession is more or less a way of life": SkiStreak
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I daresay any of the oldschool computer games will know the origin of mine...

a google search for "What is a grue?" nets the following:

The grue is a sinister, lurking presence in the dark places of the earth. Its favorite diet is either adventurers or enchanters, but its insatiable appetite is tempered by its horrible fear of light. No grues have ever been seen by the light of day, and only a few have been observed in their underground lairs. Of those who have seen grues, few ever survived their fearsome jaws to tell the tale.

Grues have sharp claws and fangs, and an uncontrollable tendency to slaver and gurgle. They are certainly the most evil-tempered of all creatures; to say they are touchy is a dangerous understatement. "Sour as a grue" is a common expression, even among themselves.
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Obviously, I am named after space monkeys that do endless battle with the Nazi UFO's based under the polar ice cap. Without them, well, we'd be slaves in some ice mine.
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Dunk is short for my last name Duncan, and Junk is the stuff I get into on the internet.
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When my daughter was little and we would go to our place up north she always said "we're going to New Hampie" so ever since we've always called it that. as a would-be farmer, my name choice was a no-brainer

Daughter's choice for my name:"Dude-awesome" was vetoed

God Bless You, Astrochimp!

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I'm HarryO.
Like Dirty Harry says, "Make my day"!
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