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Seemed too obvious to me when I pick the name. If I can't be skiing, I like to see it or talk about it. I rent Warren Miller Films during the summer to get my fix.

I've never had a season where I skied too much. I live in So Cal where I'm less than an hour away from OK skiing and 5.5 hours away from great skiing in Mammoth. I spend more days at Mammoth than locally.
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Drunken Tiger is a Korean hip hop group. My friend introduced me to their music and now I just love it.

(Too bad I can't understand most of what they say, as I am not Korean)

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Prosper is my first name. I have two older brothers named Bill and Dennis. Pretty ironic, eh?
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first initial, then last name (bet you don't know how to pronounce my last name).
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Mountain Range where I live and ski.
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Nothing to do with snow, oddly enough. I use this name, or a variation of it, on various forums.
It comes from my business...and if the name Covino means anything to you, you know my business!

"The end of wisdom is to dream high enough to lose the dream in the seeking of it." - Faulkner
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Just my state of residence and first initial. Pretty cheesy, but hey A K rocks when it comes to mountain sports.
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A name from the past that has nothing to do with skiing and that virtually no one could or would connect me to.

Its from back in the day when I had curly blonde hair and no comb. A coach started calling me Harpo, I liked it, but no one else ever called me that. Now that I no longer have curly or blonde hair (and in a few more years maybe no hair) it doesn't fit - so it goes.

My favorite name on the board is cheapseats -especially considering the way the initial postings came in.
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Never owned or driven a winnebago. It was a cool Dead Kennedy's song. Maybe I should have used DirtbagDentedMiniVanWarrior.
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....Your it!!

Silly isn't it!?! Came from having an extended conversation with a fellow worker conducted entirely through voice mail and email. He always ended his messages with "Tag, your it". I asked why he kept calling me Tag and it stuck.<FONT size="1">

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When I first met a really great friend of mine, a snowboarder, he would be talking to his friends about doing something with me. Their reply would be "Paul who?" His reply would be "You know, Skier Paul." The name stuck.

- Paul
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Cool, I never saw this post. Will now proceed to throw in my story.
West- 1) after reading the Edwin Arlington Robinson poem "Luke Havergal"
Go to the Western Gates Luke Havergal...
I decided I liked the interpretations of West vs. East (read the poem if your not sure) My last name is Eastman and I went through a time where I called myself North West as a result. I met former olympic silver medalist(i believe)skier Deb Armstrong and had her sign a poster for me. I told her to sign it to North and she dug, so I did as well. I use alot of aliases mostly allusions to literature or pop culture
but North West has been one of my favorite's. 2)I also live in the NW, so it fits.
<FONT size="1">

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My favourite chocolate bar of course.
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We don't have that bar here state side, or I have not seen it. Cool. What's it like?

By the way, Welcome aboard.

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I know!! Took me a while to work out why it raised some eyebrows.

Delicious... dark chocolate surrounding cherries and coconut.

You don't have Twisties either... or Tim Tams.
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Guten Tag. My name is Arnold and I like bodybuilding, skiing poder, and terminating gapers on ze ski slopes.
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Don't really know..... It was either "Brombleburger" or "Fats".

At least with Brombleburger you have to guess my body-shape!
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Brian, ich denke dieser Arnold Scharzenegger ist ein bloeder idiot..

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Part of my Chinese name, an old girl friend liked it so it stuck as a nickname.

Otto, mine Deutsch is a pretty rusty, but I agree with you!! Er ist ein dummkopf!

Bong<FONT size="1">

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I am the only lady in my group of skiing buds, my actual nick name begins with a G, so I call them my G men. They call me The Girl, say I ski like a guy. Not sure I like that but hey must help there egos in some way.Don't ya think? And just another note, have any of you ladies really found the "G spot" while riding or skiing? I know I have!

Skiing and laughing with my buds, doesn't get any better than that!
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Cherry Ripe, that does sound delicious, also lets me know that you too think Chocolate is a girls best friend! I rather like the name, good choice!
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"Isn't the G Spot where girls hide thier chocolate because they know no man will find it there ?"

If thats the case then M&Ms will have to change their slogan about where they dont melt.
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I think the g spot is what's left when girls get off the chairlift. Ah-o! will I get sensored for this?

Come on, the girl, tell us what the g spot is and kill the suspence.

Is Cherry Ripe a chick or not? Or another invader from Pouter bag forum? Gonzo??

Pow Boy- Couldn't believe this wasn't already taken when I first started posting here. Comes from my first love in skiing. Deep powder. Boy is obvious, but actually, all the black kids in school for some reason called me boy all the time. They'd say, "hey boy" whatch choo doin? and I guess it just stuck.

Bumper-Stumper<FONT size="1">

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Ok, so I have been trying to figure a way to tell you where the "g spot" is with out getting censored. What I feel when I am completely in sync with the the snow under my ski's. It is effortless communion between what nature has given me and my body. Gliding, riding, flying in complete abandon, nothing but the total feeling of freedom, with heart racing, breathtaking excitement. Each turn taking me farther and faster, the feeling of smooth silk and the pureness of the fresh tracks I leave behind, marking my own way, unique completeness, and it is totally me and mine! Ecstasy and i seek more...
You must have felt it cause it is what keeps us going back for more! Kinda like the sweet spot on a golf club, when you hit it you know it!

Skiing and laughing with my buds, doesn't get any better than that!
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I chose "mary" because it is so gender neutral and very ski oriented. It also matches my mittens.
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Tudor - My first name.
I guess you do not know anybody with that first name, right? But somehow when I try to register for most things on the internet it is always taken. I'm sure happy that it was free this time.
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just pulling this to the front for all our new members.
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WHTMT is my trail name on the Appalachian Trail here in the East. It means "WHITE MOUNTAIN" as in New Hampshire, where I live.
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Just my first name concatenated with the first letter of my last name.
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