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Originally Posted by Sugaree View Post
Good time to explain........

I am a DeadHead (love Jerry Garcia on lead guitar) so I chose Sugaree thinking it would also describe a nice snow condition. Problem is the song pertains to a girl and I am a guy. I am not into cross dressing or anything along those lines but I decided to keep the handle anyways, I'm so much cooler online!!
Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that I know you...

Love this line:
"Well in spite of all you gained you still had to stand out in the pouring rain
One last voice is calling you and I guess its time you go"

I used to go by St. Stephen, but then everyone on the planet started using it, so I dropped it. I ended up picking Aleph Null because I enjoy being obscure and it intimidates some of the math people that I play poker with to play against someone who's name refers to the the smallest infinite set.

Plus everyone gets really confused after I describe that and then go on to explain that I was an English Major.
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Oh yeah, I forgot to explain my name....

After growing up on the east coast, I moved to Colorado (10 years ago) at the age of 23. My first year out here I skied on my birthday... 10/24. I've skied either on or before my birthday just about every year since.
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There are some great stories about user names, so I merged ski1024's thread with this one.

Good Idea to bump this thread going into the fall, glad you brought it up.

Here's the story for my name...........

Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
My husband and I are involved in a motorcycle club, and since I'm more excited about bicycling than dirtbiking, I became Trekchick on the Message board for the Cadillac Motorcycle Club (wanna guess what kind of mountain bike I have?)
When I registered on Epic, it never occurred to me that I would fall in love and stick around, so I just used the same user name here to make my life simple.
I'm blonde, so simple is best
Once I realized I had a slew of friends in the ski world, I registered on a few other ski forums as SnowHot.
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First name and birth date; god I'm very unoriginal.
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Wow Tom, you'll be 138 soon!
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There was a safety commercial by NSP and PSIA a few years back that ended with the punch line something like "This season learn to turn. I public service message from the Nation Ski Patrol and the Professional Ski Instructors of America". That's where I got "learn2turn" from.
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'Cause I like being on skis and snow as often as possible and remain versatile. You need the right tools to optimize the best conditions, timing, mission and mood, etc.

The Quiver: Alpine/AT/Tele/Rugged Touring/Tour/XC/Skate/Nordic

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I own a bunch of dogs.
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WHY "Gravity Is My Friend."

My friend Sailin' Whalen coined the gimf part back when he was coaching.
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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post
I own a bunch of dogs.
Really now, do you own them or do they own you?
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I've spent 25 years handling tens of thousands of peoples emergencies night in night out or was that day in day out ?. Done with that. Hence, emergency over ! Now I keep my head In the Clouds & outta the fog.
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
Really now, do you own them or do they own you?
Actually, they've become pretty well trained as Siberians go. They all have to SIT while I walk down the line putting their bowls in front of them and are not allowed to start eating until I give the word. If one breaks the sit, they all have to wait while the naughty one is put in HER place.
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My Nastar # of course.
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I like to ski and I sell boats for a living. There it is
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my name The Cookie Monster came from a day of drinking in the lodge, probably cannot go into its meaning, but it has something to do with a nickname for female anatomy.
my name Chemical Ali was dubbed by my father in law in response to my ski waxing habit.
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My real name is Jim Who'd Rather Live in Hakodate or Karuizawa or Tahoe or Whistler or Queenstown But Instead Is Condemned Out of Economic Necessity to Live in Tokyo.
But I just got so damned tired of typing.
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Procreator = too many kids!!
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Prickly Jones was an awe-inspiring fir tree on my family's property when I was growing up. It's been my alias ever since. Sometimes I write it as Prique-Lee.
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mgmc = initials

handle on SkiDiva=Ski Spirit...because when I ski, my spirit feels totally free
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Procreator = too many kids!!
How many is too many, amigo?
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Mine is a nickname I picked up as a teenager.

I ain't saying what it means because it is slightly offensive.

Actually got banned from a forum once when someone who didn't like me (I'm kind of an A-hole) reported it to the moderators.
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Elle is the ending of my name - Danielle, and the 9ner - 9ner reminds me of a fav. moment in the movie Tommy Boy, when Chris Farley makes up a number with a 9ner in it.
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that's funny. My cousin loves Chris Farley - she used to say she would have married him, just as long as he didn't touch her (eew .
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How many is too many, amigo?
Being a father of 7 in an age and country where this is increasingly uncommon earned me the title of "El Procreator" among friends who consider anything over 0 as too many.

Actually anyone with more that 1 kid will automatically acquire an additional resident in the home, more allusive than the yeti or a U.F.O, yet responsible for everything broken, eaten, missing, etc. Usually goes by names like, "I didn't do it", "wasn't me".
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Geez, 7 kids and you find time to ski? How do you get your family up to the hill?
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Nothing interesting...just some initial from my names and year of birth:

Richard DeCarolis58
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James Gallup = Jgiddyup
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Initials (Kyle R. Pilote) followed by random numbers. It's my school username/e-mail address.
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My daughter started calling me Mr. Crab after the penny pinching Eugene Crabs in Spongebob when I was saving to move to Park City. Good thing we moved when we did, we couldn't afford it now. It's really nice here, but frankly, the "Aspen" attitude gets old, and I miss the regular folk in SLC.
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Sandgroper61 ... Sandgroper is the nickname for someone from Western Australia - we've got a bit of desert, about 800,000 square miles of it, and several thousand miles of beaches - and '61 was one of the top vintages of the past century in Bordeaux. Luckily for it, it coincided with my birth year ...

(For the trivia-inclined, people from Queensland are bananabenders and from South Australia croweaters, and from Tasmania inbred ...)
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