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Originally posted by padirtybird:
dirtybird=falcons fan or falcons endzone dance
Hey neighbor...Ruffs Dale here.

My name is actually from my Golf Board. Golf is my major passion anymore, skiing just fills in the months when I can't find green grass. Taylormades are one of my oldest sets, so...TaylorMatt.
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Originally posted by Crosscarver:
Actually with today's shorties...I think the revolving door might be do-able [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Reviving thread for the sake of posterity. Add yours here.
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The Stache

When Talk Radio Personality JR Gach came to WGY from WLS I was an Account Executive at WGY. That first meeting with the new on air personality he took one look at my Mustache and from then on I was "Stache" both on and off the air. It came in handy two years later when I started teaching skiing at Windham as they already had about a dozen other Instructors named Paul, but they only have 1 "STACHE".
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Mine's obvious enough, I chose it due to the fact that I bought six pairs of Volants in a three month period, in part because of my compulsion to collect things, but mostly because I liked how my first couple pair (Powerkarves and Chubbs bought the same weekend) skiied SO much, that I didn't want to wear them out and not have others to take their place. So I went a bit nuts, and kept buying them after the season ended. I still want more, but I've been resisting the jones.
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Name comes from the first morning of a group skiing holiday with 3 other Jon's/John's & some name differentiation was obviously required. A friend suggested it as I was wearing my newly acquired skiing jacket. As the saying goes "if the coat fits..."
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My middle name. I know, how original and creative. :
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"Dr. Frau" is the title of one of my favorite books. It is a memoir of sorts, written by a woman physician named Grace Kaiser. Dr. Kaiser was a country doctor in Lancaster County, PA for 28 years during the 1950's to 70's. I found the book interesting not only because women in medicine in her time were much fewer and farther between than they are now; but also because I am a Pennsylvania native, and thus have a certain fascination with the Amish and Old Order Mennonites who made up the majority of Dr. Kaiser's practice.

They called her "Dr. Frau", which in the "PA Dutch" German dialect means "woman doctor" or "Mrs. Doctor". I adopted that for an email address, and then for a forum name, because I was a middle-aged woman in medical school at the time, and I am of German ancestry. I also thought it would be a joke on myself, since most people think of "Frau" as meaning a disagreeble, battleax, frumpy old woman. (I have had forum names other places like "Harridan" and "Matilda-the-Hun" )

Eventually I dropped the "Dr". Since most people weren't familiar with the book, the title seemed to appear presumptuous or something - though if I had called myself "Dr Evil" or "Dr Strangelove", I don't think that would have happened.

So now it's just Frau ( I have no idea why I capitalized it). I've gotten so used to it over the last year that when I applied for a pass to 7 Springs and they asked for a nickname for the back of the pass, I put " Frau".
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When I joined a motorcycle forum, I decided I needed a nome de plume, and as I had heard about this ability to have an alter ego, I though it would be sort of like having someone else write for you, a ghost writer so to speak, but I was a rider so Ghost Rider it was. When I joined the skiing forum I shortened it to Ghost. A Ghost is what some people call those evergreens just below the treeline or at the top of the mountain if it's a low one that are so covered with powder snow that they are only a vague shape. A perfect name for a skiing forum imho.
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Oisin, pronounced oo-SHEEN', is the name of a legendary hero from Irish mythology, son of the great Finn McCumhail, about whom many stories are told. I'm not really sure why I appropriated his name although I do sin occasionally as well.
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Fun thread, Bonni. I've learned a lot.

I started out here as FastMan. The format change changed it to Rick, my first name. I included FastMan as my signature out of request from one of the supporters here. As many of you now know, picking FastMan as a screen name was not an act of boasting, it's the English translation of my real last name. When I raced in Europe it drew plenty of attention and comments in the starting gates.
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I had forgotten about this thread. It is a fun read. My name is something that I have used for years as my AIM screen name. I didn't use it when I first came to EpicSki as a young kid because I didn't want to turn the heads of the adults that I was conversing with. I would have gotten the "hot shot kid" label and wouldn't have been taken as seriously. After being here for a year or so I changed my name to HeluvaSkier (Hell of a Skier - Heluva - like the dip, heluvagood)... and after the software change the moderators combinded all of my posts and (I think) deleted my old login name and changed the posts to HeluaSkier, so all of my posts are now under one name. Since then I have become plain old Heluva when referred to in other's posts. I came up with the name because when I was in my senior year of highschool a few people I regularly skied with often referred to me as "one hell of a skier" and after that it stuck. It is boasting a little, but I would rather be known for the content of my posts rather than my name... I just wanted to choose a name that wouldn't be forgotten or confused with anyone else.
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I make things out of driftwood: the gnarlier the driftwood, the better.

After a couple of beers, the best name my wife and I could come up with for my construction style was Gnarlito's Way (with apologies to Al Pacino), hence the name. The name sort of applies to skiing too. I like skiing stuff that's on the low end of gnarly.
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Noodler has absolutely nothing to do with skiing. It's just me being lazy and not wanting to remember multiple screen names for all of my forum logins. Noodler comes from my guitar playing "habit" that at times is almost as bad as my skiing addiction. I've considered changing it and I may when the new forum software allows us to have a different "published" name that is separate from the login ID.
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Originally Posted by Nobody
Matteo is my name.
I first registered as "nobody", I have already explained somewhere why...
I took the name from the Odyssey, the part where Ulysses and his sailors were made prisoners by Poliphemus (sp?), who asked
Ulyssess what his name was, at which Ulysses
replied "Nobody"...then Ulysses blinded
the giant, and when the giant brothers
asked him who had been, Poliphemus
replied :"Nobody did it".
Sometimes I still post under the old handle
mostly by mistake...

There was also one of my favourite "Spaghetti" Western whose title was:
"My name is Nobody". Starring where Terence Hill and Henry Fonda...nothing epic, bu nice to watch.
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I am new to Epic Ski as well! I chose, "Chione" (goddess of snow) because I am passionate about Greek mythology and thought Chione was a fun and creative choice. Chione is also the daughter of King Boreas, god of the north wind. King Boreas is a strong presence in many winter festivals and when he drives through a parade in full costume, it represents a warning for the locals to brace for a long winter with large amounts of snowfall and harsh conditions.
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I was given the nickname Uncle Louie at the ripe old age of 27, well before I was anybody's uncle. The "Lou" part is actually part of my last name.

A rather well known (now) Rocky Mtn examiner pinned it on me, and yes there was some beer involved, but not enough for people to forget the nickname the following day. When I joined Epic I figured it was the perfect handle.

Now after reading some of the Tai Chi thread if I ever decide I want to be anyone else her, you all should look for "Guru Lou" !
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Picked my name b/c as a complete noob, with a different handle, jumped into some pretty controversial threads. Decided if I was going to flirt with controversy, I wanted people to know who was doing the posting.
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I once thought of Buckaroo Banzaï as my internet nom de plume, then decided to keep my more subdued first name. It was a long time ago. Then I heard of Achewood. : And add my name initial.
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Got caught up in Epic computer crash. Already had plenty of spam. Not hiding anything in particular. Didn't see the need for remembering any more names or passwords, since I already had several from Civil War sites, bike forum, and train message board. If any bears show up on my doorstep, welcome! We'll have plenty to talk about while we drive to the nearest slope, which is quite a stretch from here. Bring your foil kite, as we usually have plenty of wind anytime that we get sufficient snow on the flat plains.
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On my old keyboard, I had a sticky "s" key.
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MTB Chik

After two consecutive knee surgeries and a broken helmet within a two season span, I found my NEW love - Mountain Biking.

I've been mtbchik since 1997. Love it!
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BushwackerinPA basically i am glade skiing fanatic from PA, and i am not worried to cross block a few branches/sapling to get to the goods.
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My favorite part on my mountain bike.

I am one.
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Two months before my 40th birthday, I was assigned to the 'special projects' department. I stuck around for awhile. I had some options, but it was time for a change. A few days after my birthday (and right after returning from a ski trip), I told my boss that I would take a severance package. This provided me an opportunity that few have, the chance to take some time off at mid-life. Since our identity in this society is our job title, I got tired of answering the inevitable "what do you do" question. Maybe it is an ego protector to use the word, retired, or maybe it is just the smart a$$ in me. It serves both purposes well.
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The direct reference is of course to Maine, USA, not Maine, France. Google Winslow Homer's "Saco Bay," for a southerly look from Prouts Neck, Cape Elizabeth, to the bay where my heart still resides.
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I went with MarkXS for two reasons:
1 - My first decent modern pair of skis were X-Screams
2 - Subtly poking fun at my repeated tendency to do things to excess, long before I'm ready for them and thus get myself into all sorts of trouble: Moving to Colorado long before being able to afford it, running a marathon after running only a year and thus borking my knee so much I reverted to couch-potatohood for a time, going out drinking with stage managers, stuff like that... (mmm, 1/2 price martini night at Blue River...)
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Back 25 years ago in my pro patrol days I loved the spring sludge in Montana because (being a big guy) it was easy to slow down, and so it allowed me to ski real fast. I used to refer to those conditions as "hot mud" and that's how I got the nickname.
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He didn't have the chance to ski, so he played piano for exhilaration.
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We have always had cats all over our house. I always liked the image of the cat at night, except when they wake you up. But their jumping is pretty cool.
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