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nicknames/handles..what they mean

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Lot of new members so I just gotta ask again. Some are pretty straight forward and some are a bit abstract.

Yuki...just means snow in Japanese and I picked it up from karate.
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The term mikla is old Norse / Swedish (viking) for great/big...

<u>Eyes downhill!</u>
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Boring but easy. My first initial and last name
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dirtybird=falcons fan or falcons endzone dance
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My nick means " A man who wants to ski everywhere in all kind of conditions everyday before he has kids" or something like that...so far I only got to Lake Tahoe
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Lars is Nordic for Larry. I am of Nordic decent and all my ski buddies call me "Lars" so:

Some of the cooler nick names on here, Gonzostrike, Pow Boy, A K Ripper, Powder Poacher, Bandit,

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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They are the initials of my pen name. I publish poetry and short stories under "Geoffrey Fontaigne".
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Nothing exciting about mine since it is my last name.
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My parents were musicians, so I tried to get a name associated with music. Tried violin - taken. Beethoven - taken. Eventually, after many false starts, it turned out that oboe was NOT taken. So . . .
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My nickname came about after I married my husband and ski partner, skidog. We also have our nicknames on our license plates. My signature is a comment my best ski buddy friend, Air Cher, and I used to say as we skied the Double Black Diamond runs together. We still ski them but she is in CO and I am in AK.

^^Diamonds are a girls best friend.^^
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I have no clue what my nick means. Shea is my first name and one day my friend started calling me Shea-bird and I was like whatever and it just stuck.
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My friends claim i'm lucky in golf and other things so the name stuck.
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My name is derived from an extinct metal magazine that I used to read. It was the best one I'd ever read, and I've still not found a better one. And liking the name so much, i use it as my online alias for: ICQ, MMBB, EpicSki, Ebay, TGoH, BD, and anything else that i have to use a name and password for. = )

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Dirtybkr comes from another forum . My wife and I are Harley enthusiasts and we used to tease each other about old stereotypes . I also race dirt bikes and that other forum is a dirt bike forum . I just use the same name and pass words so I don't forget , not as young as I used to be .
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"Jaws" was coined by a few friends, old and new, from my last name, which is Jaworski.
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That nick name has been in our family not only for years, but for generations.

My real last name is "Winkelman. " Pretty obvious, so.......

Happy New Year again to one and all.
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i dunno, maybe it's an acronym or anagram'r somethin'. <FONT size="1">

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the metal that currently holds parts of my anatomy together until they develop adamantium.

let it SNOW!!
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I live in Wyoming, but fish saltwater with some friends from San Diego. They used Trouthead as a put down as in "you troutheads don't know nothing about fishing for real fish". Little did they know that myself and the other Wyoming contingent liked the name. I liked it well enough to be my online name on any board I post to. I really do not even like to fish for trout any more.
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Or unobtainium <FONT size="1">

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nopainnojane, marketing slogan from my favorite local ski area Winter Park, Best bumps in the front range.
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I am sorry but catching one more 16 inch cut or rainbow has lost its appeal. So instead of fishing the Wyoming waters 40-50 days per season, I fish maybe 3-4. I do however fish salt water both conventional and fly about 10-15 days per year. I have enjoyed my past freshwater trout fishing, but nothing beats a 50 lb tuna except a bigger one. Now if I can manage to catcha tuna on fly gear I'll be very happy.

That all being said, a fishing buddy and I are planning an Alaska (trout/salmon) trip for early June. Do you now take back the "Meathead" remark? <FONT size="1">

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I've taken the moniker of my favorite band, who by the way just put on the show of the billenium for New Year's Eve!!! Now I'm ready to ski again.

Well I wonder where that skier's bound. Is there some run, somewhere, someway out there that I've not found?
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i like to hike the ridge at bridger bowl

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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I like to go big....normally resulting in horrendous crashes onto my head...but at least I try. Basically, same idea as my signature "go big or go home."

So if you ever see a guy on a board or skis "flying high" and then crashing back to earth.....it may be me. Or it may be one of the other thousands of people intent on forever injuring themselves.

Go big or go home
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Mescalero because I'm actually a hallucination that may or may not be real, and because from Mescalero I can see Sierra Blanca up Ruidoso-way.<FONT size="1">

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this is my name , and where i work.
Got the nicname years ago from a manager, cause he had 7 people in his dept with the same name. 13 years later the nic name is still w/ me
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*i've only been accused once this year of poaching, but once i explained what a lil' traversing can get ya, she let me go.

See ya in the trees..............

Wear your battle wounds with Pride!!!
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The nickname goes back to when I was a bit over the line on the wild side , I guess I reminded somebody of a character named Leeroy in a movie , they even painted Leeroy on the tailgate of my truck.(Leeroy got blamed for alot of sh*t after that)
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