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light field cameras

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Has anyone used one of these? I don't have the money, but they look fascinating.
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Haven't used, but have been following this story on development for awhile.  They do look absolutely fascinating.  The price actually isn't too bad, considering for pros they would never need to worry about miffing a shot.  Good things to come in a hopefully trickle-down effect.  Very cool.

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I think the drawback for me, is the fact that you have pretty much have to post-process every picture to get the right shot. Cool technology and now that they have a pro-sumer level rig, it might be worth looking at when the price comes down. Apparently the first gen ones are down to about $200 now.

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I post process everything anyway.  Especially if I look fat.   :rolleyes

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I usually just run photos through a PS action to clean them up a bit and watermark them. One button click and walk away come back after a while and there is a folder full of pictures.

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