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Lifters/plates and Marker MRR Turntables

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When I was learning skiing I always wanted some Marker turntable bindings. I'm finally about to collect some turntables that date from circa 1995 and want to mount them up to some skis (that I haven't yet purchased). I figured that as the rise on those bindings would be negligable I'd need to mount them on a riser plate, and was hopeful I'd receive some constructive comments/suggestions.

I notice that many inquisitive posts receive the response "tell us more about yourself". Well, here goes; I'm a 37 year old, 30 day a year (OS and at home averaged) advanced level Australian skier. I'm a CSIA level one instructor, and will probably do my APSI level ones (equivalent to PSIA Level 's, and CSIA Level 2's) at the end of next Australian season (after working a season as a rookie instructor part time). I ski on mid fats alpine (new skis Rossi Bandit X @177cm, last ones Elan MX Super 2000 @183cm) and K2 Four @188cm tele. I tend to prefer a more evenly flexing ski. As an example, I really enjoy the K2 Four parallel and tele even though I know I can't push it as hard as, say, the Elan. I'd say I'm more technically inclined than aggressive. Friends say I look much the same no matter what terrain I ski).

I was thinking of putting the Markers on something like a 183cm K2 Four or 181cm K2 Patriot basically as a cruising/second ski/instructing ski. Do people think a riser would be necessary on such a setup? I had in mind only 10mm of rise. Should I go marginally shorter? Is it all a stupid romantic plan? If I should get a riser, what types would people suggest? Are there ones suitable for a turntable Marker which impact on ski flex less than others?

All comments/suggestions appreciated.
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You might be able to find a marker EC14 plate somplace for your bindings. I think thye may have the asme footprint and hole pattern. A few large scale retailers sold them last season for $10 - $15 a peice. Lift is always nice, but if i was teaching i would go much shorter then a 183, but if length doesnt matter to you then it doesnt matter to me either. Why the focus on the MRR bindings though??
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I always wanted a Marker turntable. An opportunity came along to get some (which don't have a plate) for a bottle of nice Oz red. I guess if you combine an illogical desire with opportunity the next thing you know I have old bindings. The bindings then need new skis. I don't actually need either the bindings or the skis. But the illogical desire for the bindings creates a need for skis, that in turn needs some ex post facto logic to rationalise the original purchase.

I appreciate the advice Greg. Thanks.
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Uh ... do you have the same sort of "binding indemnification list" nonsense down in Oz that we have here in the states? If so, think about whether anyone will be able to work on your old bindings, and if they can work on them this year, for how many more years will they be able to do so. Then again, you may be a do-it-yourselfer or have a shop tech friend.

Just a thought.

Tom / PM
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GIDAY, Buzzy-

First, to address PM's thoughts about indemnification. That particular binding, if it is in fact a 1995 model, will be covered for at least another 5 years. It sounds as if the model you got is either a 48 series, or possibly a 51 series binding.

The EC14 plate is NOT compatible with that particular binding! And the original 10mm plates for those are no longer available. But the EPS 2 plates should work, offering 11 mm of lift. Another option of a plate which is light and doesn't overly affect the flex is the EPB Ultralight 1.3. It offers 13mm of lift, and is available from K2.

It is a great binding, but make sure the forward pressure is adjusted correctly. If it isn't, you'll walk out of it often.

Feel free to PM me for the details of adjusting MRR's. ( I am a Marker rep...)


PS-I may have to talk to you about another trade-! One of my favorites is McLaren Vale Cab Sav, 1985. Find me a few bottles of that, and I'll make sure you never pay for bindings again!!!

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Thanks Vail SnoPro. I'll have to enquire about those plates here. As you probably know the level of technical knowledge of shop staff in Oz is very variable, so it won't be straightforward to find them. I appreciate the help.

I'm sure a McLaren Vale '85 Cab Sav is way beyond my means!
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How about making your own lifters? Get some Ultra High Molecular (UHMW) Plastic remnants and just make your own. I have made several over the years especially during the years when they were changing the lift height. Got all the material for free by grabbing from the remnants bin of a plastics fabricator.
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Oops, i stand corrected, i think i actually meant the EPS2 plate though... i think thats what they were. Its been awhile since i saw them. Come to think of it, the season that i saw them there would nto ahve been left over EC 14 plates for sale because they were new that season. Good call on that.
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I beleive the attractiveness of the turntable heels had more to do with a smaller flat spot near the skis middle, since the mounting distance between the toe piece and the turntable heel was shorter than most, if not all other bindings. This was suppose to minimize the effect that the binding would have on the performance of the ski, i.e a much smaller flat spot, and therefore a truer ski performance.

My son used turntable heels for racing on his high school team. Those bindings required the heels to be manually engaged. Soon after, they did become step in bindings.

However, if it were me,I would forgo the turntable heels in favor of the Solomon Pilot, or the Volkl Ski/Marker binding ingreated systems. Both either eliminate or greatly reduce the flat spot caused by traditional binding mounting techniques.

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