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Skis Stolen - where to buy new ones this late?

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It would make sense to buy new skis NOW, if there are any still available at end of season prices.


Any suggestions on where to buy skis during the last week of April?


Useful suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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F#%$ing bastards ski thieves!

Assuming you know what you wanna buy here is where I'd start:

1) go visit local shop and see if there are good sales, they will probably be trying to unload their current stock

2) @starthaus and @dawgcatching both sponsors had blowout sales going on not long ago, you might still find what youbare looking for, check the web and call/pm for best prices

3) evo.com, steepandcheap.com, backcountry.com, sierratradingpost.com (use a coupon for extra discount) are some of the most common places to look for sales online!

4) always google shopping to check for prices!

good luck! there are great prices around right now, hope you find what you want!
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Demo Fleet SALES!

@patmoore had some sweet demos for sale in his shop not too long ago. 

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Check ebay.  Sometimes you can get lucky and score killer deals because people either don't know what they are selling or just want to get rid of their gear.

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Depends on what your'e looking for. What are you looking for?

Start calling ski shops. Don't know about west, but many in VT had lots of stuff at half off. Killington shops maybe different since theyr'e open for another month.

Problem is, they're closing fast. Try in Ludlow, VT:  Boot Pro, Sports Odyssey, Totem Pole, Northern Ski Works, Great Outdoors.

Boot Pro was at 50% off on most everything. Northern also has a shop in Killington.

Killington: Basin Ski Shop, Peak Performance, Northern Ski Works, Forerunner, and I'm forgetting some.

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I should have mentioned I need to buy online


The skis were inside my van, which was stolen, so I don't have transportation to ski shops, either.


And I'm looking for something with a 14 - 15 m turning radius like the K2 Wired which were stolen

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All those places will ship except maybe one.
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I got a great deal on a pair of Head Skis last month, and good personalized service from ASO Gear: http://stores.ebay.com/asogear

The link is to their eBay store, but I called their 800 number because there were a few details to take care of. I've also bought from Sierra Trading Post and evo.com

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After spending a season on Atomic GS9s, I discovered that I like to ski black diamond terrain at Hunter, on beginner / intermediate skis. So I went back to that kind of ski. My K2s.


I feel perfectly comfortable not having enough ski for the terrain; I LOVE making a lot of turns. many more turns than others on the same slope, but very fast too.


I think I see what I want, but I'm going to check 3 more times before committing to buy online, tomorrow. I'm also buying next year's pass tomorrow.

Between them the pass and skis will eat $600 but I'll have what I need for the whole season.

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