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Summit/Vail TR 4/9-4/15 Corn, Slush and Powder

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The annual spring trip this year was just two of us, but we could not have had more fun.


I landed, lost time getting my rental, but managed to get to the afternoon corn at the top of Keystone by 3 PM.


The snow had been reduced to sugar, but I did 4 top-to-bottom runs on the quad beside the gondola by 4 o'clock, 9K+ feet.


My friend was due in Friday, so I hit Peak 6 on Thursday and checked out that terrain and Horseshoe as it softened up. Nice!


Gates were closed as two patrollers hiked up to the ridge for avi control. It was freeze-thaw as you can imagine, but full sun.


I needed a burrito so I headed back to the Kickapoo and contemplated my Sick Day 95s, seems they weren't floaty enough.


Time for some laps on my Patron 193s. WOW! Glad I sold my obSETHeds. The Lines never saw the snow the rest of the trip.


Joe was due in around noon so I had time to ski A-Basin, but the temperature was going to be close to the freezing mark, so it was




Sunny again and I catch the Pali chair, a good sign.  A couple of laps on the firm buff and off to 'Zuma for some laps.


It stays cold unfortunately and the Pali chair is now closed at 10:30, so we rendezvous on top of Keystone at the Outpost.


The snow was just beginning to peak and was prime for ripping turns, so for three hours the Outback was ours.


Off to my pad in West Vail and we hear a forecast for snow, finally, for late Sunday into Monday. Stoked, so we make plans.


Saturday is warmer so Blue Ox is our destination and 7 runs later we ease up for lunch and relax for the impending storm and ski easy.


Vail reports an inch Sunday morning, but our plan is for late date skiing, so a mid-morning assault is the strategy and save our


legs for Monday when the storm totals out.


Typical Vail report, that's a good thing, as they don't seem to ever blow smoke, but 2-3" and counting when we got up to the top of


Lionshead.  It was a yellow lens day the rest of the day while another 2-4" fell the rest of the day.


Lunched at the 10th and waited for the afternoon to pile up and the mountain empty. The one pic is at the top of chair 11 late


Sunday afternoon.


Monday was as good as it gets in April as Vail reported 9" with 5 overnight.  All I can say is that we skied 30,989 vertical feet


that day, 20 lifts. My buddy rented a pair of 185 Patrons and was skiing the best powder skiing of his life. Same for me just because


of a ski?  Whatever works!!!


Tuesday for me was day 7 and I am trashed and sore, but the snow is to soften and the sun is out, and my last day of season.


IBUs for breakfast and the boys get the job done and my season is over.


EPIC Mix says I had 136K vertical feet in 7 days of skiing, I added 6K for A-Basin. Gotta luv modern lifts and skis!

Kewl angle of Peak7, the Dunes from Peak 6 chair.

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Looks like nice conditions in Summit county.  I thought everything was closed there.  Looks like you had some nice snow.

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Lots of snow at all the resorts, just no skiers. Breck, A-Basin, Loveland and Copper for the weekend, lots of skiing left for somebody.

Adious amigos! Ski ya in December.

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Glad to know that you had a grand time. Represent the hood brother. SOFLA 4 life.

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BTW, Snokat, you going to be around this summer? If so, let's get together and play in that stuff that snow turns into when it gets to warm to ski on it. You're welcome to come down my way and we can use my boat, but you've got to bring your fishin' license. I don't have one.

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Originally Posted by lady_Salina View Post

Looks like nice conditions in Summit county.  I thought everything was closed there.  Looks like you had some nice snow.

Keystone (Vail & BC) closed Sunday 4/20.  Copper and Breck close this Sunday (4/27),  Loveland is closing May 4th and A-Basin is scheduled to close June 1st.  The base is still good most places and we picked up less dust than places further South and West.  Sun angle is high and the weather is all over the place with some very warm days, but a storm expected this weekend that could dump a foot.

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Hey Bazz, Buffett at the Cruzan tomorrow, that should help to get over the end of the season.


Even Aspen is open for another weekend or so.


Storm tomorrow will make Breck CRAZY on Sunday.


Let's go diving in May, grouper season opens on the 1st.

Barry's work

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