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SR88, SR95, VXL, MX88, and MX83 - ski demo

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I demoed the new 2015 SR88 today along with the '14 SR95, '13 VXL, '13 MX88 and '13 MX83.

The SR88 felt super damp and planted to snow to a point where it almost felt lazy. The SR95 felt ever more damp/planted but felt it turned a bit tighter. I skied the SR88 and SR95 in 177 and 174, respectively. The SR88 weighed more but felt lighter on snow than the SR95. I'm guessing SR88's smaller base contact surface area lends to that phenomenon.

I skied the MX83 and MX88 in 173 and 168 respectively. Similarly, the MX83 weighed more but felt lighter on snow than the MX88. I skied both MX's in the middle of the day on choppy and slushy snow. The condition was not ideal for the MX83, but I could see it would shine on firmer, flatter snow.

The MX88 didn't disappoint. The ski felt stable yet fairly nimble. The ski felt damp but not excessively. It didn't feel lazy at all. It felt athletic. I wish they came in 174-5 cm though, which would be perfect for my size. I wanted to try 178's but they were not available. However, I would think the MX88 in 178 would be too much for me at 150lbs.

The same goes for the VXL, which I skied in 180. The next down is 170 and I feel I fit right in the middle. Considering the longer length, the VXL felt lighter, tighter and more pronounced than the new SR88.

I wished the new FX94 and 84 were available. The store didn't carry them unfortunately. It would've been great to ski the SR88/95, MX88, and FX94/84 back to back to back.
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Revisiting after a week...I think the SR88/SR95 are phenomenal skis. They have that instantly recognizable smooth yet agile Stöckli feel present in my Lasers. On the SR, the smooth factor is multipled by 6 or 7. They felt very planted and easy, even though I was making repeated runs on black and pretty bumpy runs down from the mountain top.

When I said "lazy" on my initial post, perhaps, "comfortable" would've been a better choice of word. The SR88 and 95 do it smooth and comfy like Barry White. At the same time, they can lay on the edge and go down the frontside in quite an admirable fashion.

Having not skied/owned rockered skis ever before, the MX88 were more familiar to me than the SR's--hence the slightly favorable initial impression for the MX88 above--but in hindsight the SR88 and the MX88 are two different but equally impressive skis in their own ways.

For my quest for sub 90mm all mountain skis, I'm now torn between the two--honestly I would buy both---except I'm out of luck on the MX88 for its size....so 'my' winner of the two? The SR88.

Why sub 90mm? After a couple of seasons on the FX94, 94-5mm for my height and weight--the latter fluctuating between 145-150--could very well be at the lower end of the powder ski range. I'm thinking high 90s and low 100s would be the most ideal powder range for me in that, it offers float I need on powder but at the same time, versatility outside the first hour or two of a powder day.
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