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Lange RX 26.5 vs. 27.5 which one to go?

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after trying some boots lately:


store A:

Lange RS 130

Lange RX 130 LV

Dalbello KR 2 Fusion ID


store B:

Lange XT 130

Dalbello KR 2 Lupo SP ID

Full Tilt Classic


store C:

Lange RX 130 LV


( I had been in 3 ski shops).


I've noticed that Lange fits the best, second best is Dalbello with slight pinch above lateral malleous (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Gray1240.png).


Now, the actual dilemma:

My street shoes are size 10.5 US, my mondo size is 27.5 (actually one leg is 27 and another is 27.5 feet in Brannoc) and width between A and B


When I tried Lange in size 27.5 I feel great in the shop, no pinches, no extra room, it just great (no other boots which I tried give me this feeling) and they bootfitter when looked in shell fitting (no liner) said that this is my shell size (27)

however, I've heard that if ski boots don't hurt in the store, they are too big and will compress and be too big, so I must go size smaller.

(coming from the "too big" boots, I don't really want to make the same mistake twice).


So, I had tried Lange RX in size 26.5 and I was able to get in the boots, I feel pain (controllable) in little toes both legs and a little bit tight in the size, but manageable (15 min in the store).


When I asked one bootfitter about going a size smaller then mondo size, he said that if I would be a racer or would need a really really a lot of control, then answer is "yes", but for me he would not recommend/insist.


Another bootfitter said completely opposite; he said that boots WILL compress and he could always make it a little bit bigger and he would recommend to go with size 26.5 vs 27.5


Basically, with 27.5 I don't think I would need any bootfitter help, but with 26.5 I probably would not be able to be in the boots more than an hour or so and would need a help from bootfitter.


I haven't purchased either boot yet, I'm going back to the store and try both 26.5 and 27.5 (it comes from another store) on the same day.

But what would be a suggestion?


P.S. If I posted this to the wrong forum, please excuse me for that, may be this questing should go to bootfiter forum?


Thank you in advance for an answer.

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buy 26 shell

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thank you, I will shell fit the 26, just in case, but that what I was thinking if I could fit in and be there for 20 min, then I could work with it.

thank you again.

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