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Prepping skis for a May move?

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I'm moving across the country, and the military has hired movers to pack up and ship all my stuff. Aside from providing some extra foam to make sure my skis don't get beat up in the box and the typical summer wax job, is there anything I need to think about? Should I be concerned about the temperatures in the moving truck?

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Assuming they won't be in the truck for an extended period of time, not really. Just make sure they're dry when they go in, and dry them when they come out if they've got any moisture on them. If the edges are covered and they're in a good bag, they should be fine.
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I'm assuming this isn't your first military move, but if it isn't--they did a good job moving my sons stuff, including a good road bike, which was shipped unboxed. Your skis will probably be handled better than they would be by an airline.

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I would make sure the skis are clamped together well. So they don't move around against each other. Put some cushioning between them.
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