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HELP! Ski for level 3 course?

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Help guys! I'm packing for a flight that takes off in 5h. I need to grab a pair of skis but I'm having a panic moment. What should I bring? 


Fischer RC4 RC - cheater GS ski, it's what I most use, excellent for intermediate parallel and advanced parallel but it gives me a bit of grief in bumps. 

Head Integrale 009 - lower end 13.2m radius ski; it's easy to ski in bumps, short radius and intermediate parallel, but because of the turning radius I don't think I can demo advanced parallel well. 

Head Peak 82 - I don't enjoy skiing this ski. It's fine in bumps but not great for advanced parallel (I find it too sloppy). 


Surely the RC4 is the right ski for me, but I've never seen anyone in Whistler on them in an exam... (let's assume for now I'm not taking the exam)

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Most of those would be OK in an exam..

My suggestion would be the one you are most comfortable on.

If one has failings in bumps but you rip everywhere else on them, and you have been on them the most, that's the ski to take.

None of those are too wide, too hot, or heavily rockered.
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And good skiing! Go get um!smile.gif
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Ok, rc4 it is. Appreciate the confirmation - I'm having one of those first-date-sweaty-palms moments. Thank you! 

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Hey, and good luck! Is it a test, or just a prep course? Whistler?
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Take the ski you would use in your exam into the course. From your own assessment take the one you ski the best in bumps and intermediate because the are must pass.

Don't neglect the psychological factors. Your liking and confidence in a ski may add probably 10% to your performance, especially in unfamiliar terrain.
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Thanks smile.gif Let's call it a prep course wink.gif Blackcomb, they close whistler this Tuesday to set up the bike park
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Best of luck, Metaphor.  

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Just go ski it. If you've got it, you'll make it. It's not the arrow, it's the archer that's important.
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Thanks, at the time I was just having a panic moment :hissyfit: a few hours before the flight and getting a bit ridiculous.  I'm sure it'll be good enough. And if I do get the stink eye over my skis (I've gotten it for using slalom skis in training, actually), there's still time to change it up. 

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Reports back or it didn't happen. :)  

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