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Bob Barnes.
Bob really loves this sport and goes out of his way to help people. A big reason why this site is as good as it is.

Another one who really cares and does a great job of helping people.

Ott Gang.
The man has showed me what skiing is all about. A long time ago, he said something like, "Skiing is not a competition between others -- ski for yourself". I think about what he said often and now I practice it. Ott, the chip on my shoulder is just about gone and I owe ya.

The regular contributors.
By all rights, I should have been blown out of here a long time ago. But something about me kept me hanging on. Since then, I've learned some and I think they've learned some too. It's been great and cheers to my on-line pals.
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SCSA, you done well. Not many people could have taken the crap thrown your way and stayed.

Not to minimize, you derserved it, but you have also earned our respect by staying and becoming a valued contributor.

And that's not bad for one who was 97% full of you-know-what

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Sugar, I was actually just giving you a hard time, as you were giving me.
No real apology needed. You should give a load to those who don't acctaully read what you post and then end up reply incorrectly.

Raining on the passes today. A few degrees cooler and we'ld be in the snow.
Keep hope alive and soon we will be making turns.......
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