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Who's Who on EpicSki

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This is who we are! No, I'm not going to list everybody, nor am I going to refer new menbers to that 100+ reply thread, Age and Location Check.

I'm feeling a little bit feisty, so I thought it would be fun if each of the regulars introduces another regular.
Ground Rules; You can talk about quirks and idiocyncacies, but NO INSULTS!!!

Occupation is okay as long as its listed in the profile. But more important, try to think of the things that make them important to this board! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Okay, Who's on First?
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Gonzostrike! Gonzoville

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This could be fun.. hearing how each of us are perceived by others...

Dchan, the way leader in posting, 2000+ posts, a calming and level minded psudo administator for the forum. If there is an opinion to be given.. see Dchan.

Wink, Equipement geek (I mean that in a good way ), very knowledgeble. You can blame him for inviting me over here from skinet.

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You probably have not heard much from Tog, lately. he is in NYC working on the rescue efforts at the WTC.
Tog is a ski instructor at Okemo. Looks a bit like David Boreanz, who plays Angel. Knowledgable, and with a great sense of humor, he has been known to start threads about hydrponic beef, and kevin Costenor movies about PMTS.
A perpetual learner, he has come up with one of my most favorite concepts; The Culture of Learning.

Insomniacs, you have a good friendin Tog. At 1:00am pacific, he is still posting from NYC.
Ya gotta love the guy!
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tres pathetique, tres predictable

luv ya guy
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the rain in spain falls mainly out of my lame left brain.

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ryan, eye warnt offindid. thet's Y eye yoosd the winken geye.

jes playen ullang.

shnika shnika
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OTT GANGL, member number 549!

As perhaps the senior member, Ott is Papa Bear around here. All you need to do is look at his photo-essay here,

Learn to ski by the book, a picture story

and check out his fantastic tales of Sigi the Fox, two threads of which are

Sigi, the fox, where?


Rodeln with Sigi

No one embodies the spirit and passion of this great sport like Ott, and few have his knowledge of its history and technique, much less his warm sense of humor and story-telling ability!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Wow. The best posts anywhere on any forum to be sure. Makes me pine for my childhood of skiing, sledding and snowplay all the more. My Sigi was named Turi. I still remember what she looks like and how she smiled 'way back' in 1977 in Norway. (SIGH). Thanks Ott (and Bob. If not for your link I never would have seen those threads).
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Roto:
Wow. The best posts anywhere on any forum to be sure ... My Sigi was named Turi ... Thanks Ott (and Bob. If not for your link I never would have seen those threads).<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I can't say it any better than Roto. Thanks, Ott - Masterfully crafted! You should attempt to publish your vignettes of life.

BTW, Roto, is Turi a Scandanavian / German name? If so, I'm starting to see a pattern here as my "Sigi" was a girl named Ingrid.

Tom / PM
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Thanks everybody for your kind words and especially Bob for saving those Sigi threads, I didn't save them myself.

So "Who is who on EpicSki"? That's easy. Every single member is making this forum the best. We have several dozen of top instructors who get to show off by answering questions from this exceptionally well informed membership who come up with VERY challenging themes. We all learn via this process.

It is most gratifying to see people who came in here with a chip on their shoulder become very civil and productive members of the forum, though there is still a lot of sassy back-and-forth, as it should be.

Even some members of another forum who came here with the intention to disrupt, stayed and were welcomed by the members.

Though discussions were often heated, especially when HH and his PMTS system were discussed, the people themselves were never attacked (or rarely), just their ideas and what they said in print.

So, to me, everybody here is a "WHO", from the prolific posters to the lurkers.

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Beautifully said, Ott.
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Agree - well said Ott.

I'm jonesing so bad I think I need a Valium! I'm like a caged animal pacing back and forth from one resort web site to the other checking the conditions praying for snow anywhere in the West that I can get to on Alaska Airlines or by car.
I'm about to put on my boots and dance the snow dance naked at the nearest summit.

43 more days until opening here in the Northwest. Hmmmmm, maybe I'll take a trip over to Montana for an early quick fix.

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Sugar, where do you get the 43 days? The average opening day of the Summit is December 15th. That is only 38 days away. If we get snow we could be skiing in less than 30 days. And Stevens could open sooner if the weather cooperates.
Optimism is always the best policy, we will be skiing in the NW by Thanksgiving (ok, a little too optimistic but it could happen).
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Sugar, did you already take the valium, 43 days? Crystal should be open by Thanksgiving or early Dec. I've got a bad case of ski fever too. My skis sit in the corner, waxed, tuned, and mock me.
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No valium here......sings: There's a little yellow pill.......

Look at the day I posted that: October 11, 2000. 43 more days would make it November 22.

Edit: Deleted insult even though it was tongue-in-cheek.

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Who is LisaMarie???

Hee hee!

LM is a fitness instructor who is a totally fun chick and a great advice giver. If you ever have any exercise questions, or fitness related questions, she's the woman.

Just don't say ANYTHING sexist around her. She's very sensitive and will kick your a-s!!

Who is DChan???

DChan...man of a thousand answers. Have a question about virtually anything...askdchan.com. Taste a good wine lately, be sure to tell dchan. He's also very level-headed and calm and loves to break things down in a technical way.

Who is Tog???
Tog is one of our resident insomniacs (actually, so is LisaMarie) He stays up really late at night and tends to get a little slap happy. He writes hysterically funny stories that go on and on and will make you laugh so very hard! He's such a good writer, yYou also might just believe them.
When he's not off saving Manhattan, he is a ski instructor as LM mentioned and always has something nice to say.

Who is Jane???
Jane is just a boring accountant...(Ha Ha Ha Just kidding!!!)
She's a blast! Crazy mtnbiker and outdoorsy chick. Doesn't write much, but she's always lurking around.

I'll do more "Who is'" later

[img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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Ah! Thin line between sexist and sexy. Sexy is okay.

Who is Skiminker. Beautiful Jersey girl turned Cakifornia girl. More fun than a barrel of laughs! Adventurous and athletic.
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SS, I did not catch that you had done a cut and paste from your former identity.

Insults are still insults even if it has a happy face next to it.

Now I know who to avoid on the hill.....

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So sorry - deleted the comment. I was just playing............
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Sugar, If a man says something and a woman isn't around to hear him say it, is he still wrong?
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Lucky: For your use - we women try to make it easy on you guys.......

Apology Note Generator

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That is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!
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Sugar, thanks and now something for you. www.yellowbanana.com/duty.htm
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Did you wear your ski gear in the car? No! How can you get help when you don't try. Here is a full proof way to reduce your stress. No not that.
Skier included.
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Okay, what did I miss, and how did we get on this topic?? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
I guess we are describing for ourselves who' who?
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Hey its Friday and I'm just having fun.
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No problem! I was just sad to be out of the loop!
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Hey Lucky.....I've got your "yellow banana" right here (makes grabbing gesture)

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I would like to introduce three people who were very instrumental in making this forum what it is today who have not been very active lately.
Lars: Patrol Roll specialist, builder extrodinare from Bemis Pt NY. Home mountain Holiday valley. He was the top poster until he backed off last spring.
John H: John was very active until making the skiing mistake of starting a family. Nesting instinct has taken over as well as his job responsibilities have increased. Home mountain, White Tail Pa. We miss you John.
Larry C: Instructor extrodinare, Senior memeber (Over 70). Home mountain, Seven Springs Pa. Active with youth. I haven't heard from Larry recently.
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