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Thanks AC. My stickers came yesterday. At first I almost didn't open the letter because it looked suspicious, but curiosity got the best of me. They are proudly adorning the bumper on my truck.
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I thought they were supposed to go on your skis or your helmet.
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I don't have a skid lid and if you've ever seen the topsheet on a Crossmax 10 you can see why I wouldn't put it there.
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how do we get hooked up with cool EpicSki sticks? :
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Stickers for all...

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You know, I'm one of those people who never put bumper stickers on. Don't know why. Think some are funny. Just never do. I was up at our annual Snow Sports Expo last Thursday night and got to talking with one of the girls repping Fernie and was telling her about the "gathering" this year when she asked about Epicski. I was thinking "if I had a bunch of those stickers here right now I'll bet we could get a few hundred "Epicskiers" this weekend. I'll be sending for some AC and I'll find somewhere that I can display them. Don't wear a helmet. Hmmmmmm, maybe the forehead. :

Do admit to putting a "Lick Bush" sticker on one of my "right winged" friends car during the election. Took him three days to notice it. I think he may still be mad at me.

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Sweet! Thanks!
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My stickers came today!! It was a nice surprise after forgetting about them (took about a month). Thanks so much AC! I'm thrilled
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Thanks, AC! I put them on all my guitar cases!
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Turns out I can't send a SASE from canada!
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