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How to find the right boot?

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I know, see a boot fitter, but here is my question... Most shops carry about 3 to 4 brands, and then when you talk about performance boots or civilian race boots the choice is even less, then finally throw in that in those categories they maybe stock 3 or 4 sizes. so are they going to find me the right boot, or the right boot they have?

I thought about posting in the ask the boot guys section but it seems that section isn't really for what I'm about to ask...If you were the boot guy, which boot would you put me in? or more accurately which boots would you pull off the rack to start the process.

ME: Advanced stylish fast on piste skier who prefers hard pack and I've just gotten back in the game after 20 years off but seem to have not missed a beat outside of the fact I'm not as crazy.
6'2". 195 lbs
Feet: Left 27.3 cm 96mm wide. Right 26.5cm 96mm wide. High arches long straight thin legs as calf muscle ends up mostly above cuff
Ski: Head ispeed rebels

Have at it...or me...since I am admittedly obsessing over it after one season back and now the season is over.

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Sorry, but NOBODY on the internet can tell you what boot you should be in, not even a boot fitter, because nobody can see your feet(photos are of no use). If your arches are truly high, you will need a custom footbed and that's as far as I'd want to guess, oh and probably a narrow boot. Depending on where you live there may be multiple fitters you can visit.  Have you checked the "Who's Who" in the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum?  If there isn't anyone listed(only fitters active on Epic are listed), ask and you'll get some recommendations.

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I fully understand that. The boot fitter list has 2 or three guys in my area, but one is no longer in business, another doesn't sell boots and the third has limited selection. I would expect that whoever I go to would do the evaluation and start with a couple of choices and see what fits best, I'm simply trying to gain as much info going in so maybe i cut down on going all over creation. This is not an attempt to select a boot and go buy it off eBay. But it could also be a need to scratch the itch and point me to some targetted research, after all there are hundreds of choices.
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Where do you live ? Where do you ski ?

May be one of us can tell you where to go ?, I mean that in a good way smile.gif
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Live in Southern NH , 30 min from Boston. Home mountain is Gunstock as we have a place on the lake. Any suggestions are very appreciated, and no worries my wife usually reminds me on where I can go often enough :-). Just kidding.
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Get Paul Richelson at FeetFirst in Plymouth to do a full evaluation of your feet.  He has a computer database of the boots that will best fit the specifics of your feet.  He can make you a great footbed (has done so for me).  The custom footbed is a bit spendy, but it will last 10 years and can go from boot to boot.   As a certified pedorthist he works with a lot of problem feet. Canting, alignment, you name it.  I have bought boots elsewhere, and brought them back to him to get them dialed in.


Having the eval done is really important.  I learned a lot about my feet that I did not know before, and it was very helpful in establishing a solution path towards the best fit and performance.  Getting the right size boot and then doing what is necessary to have you performing in that boot at your best is not something that you are likely to get right off the rack. 


A really good ski shop to get boots from is Stan and Dan's in North Conway.  Top drawer people who know their stuff and treat you well.  I drove about as far as you would have to, and considered the trip well worth it.  They have a pretty large selection of boots on their wall.  Take your wife with you and take her out to lunch.  Nice restaurant a couple of hundred feet away.

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Been hearing lots of good things about Stan and Dan's for over 20 years now.

Isn't it amazing to help you get when you give us the right info. wink.gif
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Good to know. theyll be on my list, thanks
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