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Paranormal "Weapon" user test.  In March I was at Hudson Bay Mountain in northern British Columbia.  I have a ski cabin there and go there for a few weeks every year. This year I had the opportunity to demo a great powder ski, hand made locally by "Paranormal" James.  He call this ski the Paranormal "Weapon".  Specs are; 142-115-132 R22.5.  These things rip in powder just the way you would expect from a ski this size, but they also ski like a rail on groomers.  I had not experienced this before.  Skiing on Rossi S3's, skiing in windblown and cut up powder, I was not able to keep up to others with wider skiis.  At the same time, the Rossi's are OK in a bit of pow and turn so easily they are great for bumps and glades, but are ridiculously inept at high speed groomer.


I assumed this was a feature of powder skis.  I saw how many people there skied on very wide skis and wondered if the just skied off-piste all the time or what.  When I demo'd the weapon, understood what it was like to be able to rip at high speed in powder.  What really surprised me was how they also ripped on groomers, in fact I'm not sure I've ever been "on a rail" quite as much as with these weapons.  I don't imagine the would be very nimble in bumps and glades but I did not try them there.


Paranormal James is getting local recognition, but I hope these skis reach a wider audience some day, they are worth checking out!  He has a very impressive small manufacturing facility and is every bit the perfectionist.  How many skis are designed, tested and built by the company owner?  These are!