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I'll wander out of my dark little cave to post....

I'm a 20 year old test lab coordinator for a company I'm sure you all hate, but I'll feel free to not mention the name, I've been skiing since I was a little 'un, just moved to Mountain View, California(about 10 minutes north of san jose) and I hope to essentially live at tahoe this year...

...I also enjoy long walks on the beach, and women with a sense of humor and- wait, sorry, wrong forum [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hi all

I figure if I am going to start a topic now and again, I might as well let you know who I am.

Nearing the end of my 5th decade on earth 2 yrs to go. Was a workaholic thru much of the 3rd and 4th decades. Did very little skiing in those days. The 90's dawned with me taking the NSP first aid course and showing up for my first day as a patroller in Lange Pro boots (C 1969), a K2 ski from the mid 70's and Look Nevada Gran Prix bindings complete with long strap retention devices!

Some wonderful soul took pity on me that first day and dug deep into the ski bag and came out with a pair of these old gel filled shin gards for me to wear to keep tha Langes from chewing up my ankles! For that I am eternally grateful!

First new purchase in 20 yrs---new boots!

Since then I have been buying things skiing related fast and furiously!

The beginning of that 5th decade begat many life changes, I learned to play hockey. Played long enough to score 1 goal and learn that my kid (a new player at the time) did not deserve my uninformed critisms---anyone ever tried to actually catch a pass while desperatly attempting to remain upright will know what I mean. I also learned to snowboard last season---that is a blast for those that have not tried it yet. I don't see it replacing 2 planks any time soon, but it sure is fun to learn. I almost got divorced as well---That also turned out well as we recently passed the 21 yr mark. Had a lot to do with the 3rd and 4th decade obsession.

I ski well for my area and verticle. Can always get better tho---.

That's it for "Things I have done"

Never stepped foot in a Gym or fitness club in my life! (But am thinking about it now) Never skied the west, don't do bumps---well.

Can we do Kudo's to other members here? You say yes? Thanks.

Kudos to just a few that come to mind right now.

Lisamarie for some excellent writing, excellent advice and a couple of personal responses to my specific questions---keep up the excellent work!

Sugar Snack for some quite funny responses, where do you come up with the animations? Remind me to never accept a client that may end up in your court!

Phil Pugelise (Sp) (sorry) for some great advice and positive comments with regard to equipment.

Thanks all

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Thank you! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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You are welcome!
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"I have a habit of being way too wordy..so I'll apologize right now for that one but only now.

Ummmmmmmm.....30 something self proclaimed genius with a snow addiction etc..etc..."

HEY thats my line I claimed it here a while ago!

friendly place. great place to meet people to ski with.

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I've been a lurker for at least a year probably more with an occasional post. I'm a 22 year old pre med student at CU who makes it a challenge every semester to work my class schedule to maximize ski time. I got about 40 days in last year. I can get down from anywhere on the mountain but this year I need to work on getting more comfortable in the powder and bumps. During the summer I enjoy my newest addiction kayaking colorado's liquid snow and trying to chase small white balls around golf courses.

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Skier J, thanks too. Look forward to meeting you 12/2.
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Thanks for the intros -- and welcome to the paty!

Keep them coming...
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OK. I'll take the plunge.

I have lurked here for a while and finally registered about a month ago. I live in Alabama which combined with those two weeks of vacation a year does not allow me much time for skiing. But I love it when I get a chance.

I work as a chemical engineer doing environmental research.

My wife is the one who introduced me to skiing. In February 2000 she talked me into going up to Snowshoe for a week. Despite the rain and sleet the first morning, the inch of freezing rain the last morning and all the ice in between, I was hooked. We were able to go twice last winter. In two weeks (week of Dec 10) we are going to go west for my first time and spend a week in Breckenridge. She liked it before and wants to go back. Who am I to argue?

It was a bit humbling at first when your wife says she wants to ski this black run so why don't you take that green or blue run over there and meet her at the lift. But with hard work and lessons I think I have finally caught her.

I must say I really enjoy the forums. I hope a bit of what I have read sinks in and helps.
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Hmmm, must be getting old, I thought I already introduced myself, guess not.

Started at 12 with wood skiis, metal edges, and cable bindings. By 15, joined National Ski Patrol. Had Hart Javelins, Look Turntables and long thongs. Eventually made it into Lange boots with Lange-flo(what a mistake).

Beacon, NY was open 7 days/7 nights. Use to cut school to go skking and patrol. Became a Senior Patroller at 18, then off to UVM-ski country.

Became a paramedic, involved with Mt Search and Rescue, and took up caving to climb rock faces during the winter. Aside from skiing, caving is wonderful!

Worked in NH and then moved back to NY. Patrolled Windham when it was still a private club. Some years I would get in 100 days!

With Killington being fairly close, I was able to water ski one day, and snow ski the next.

I was fortunate to spend my formutive years with an older brother I was able to shadow ski with. When my son(going off to SUNY Plattsburgh in 6 weeks!) was 12, he was certified as a ski instructor, and became a patroller at 15! He and I have skied "tip to tail" for many years.

I work in order to ski. Two years ago, an undiagnosed case of Lyme prevented both my son and I from skiing. It effected our balance. If we closed our eyes, and tried to stand on one leg, we would fall down without knowing we were falling! Scary, and depressing. Last year I made a comeback. I would use the Fitter machine during work! And my Principal (I am a teacher) let me get away with it, because I showed him how it didn't negatively effect the class.

Edit:I am involving myself in too many projects. Noticed I didn't mention that I turned instructor in the 70's also. Ski coach in the mid 90's.

I discovered this Forum over the summer, and it kept my sanity. The closeness of all of you is obvious.

I have enjoyed the answers I have received, and even have set up a skiing time with skier-j to help him get his Senior skiing.

Everyone-keep up whatever it is you are doing. I am addicted to the Forum. I check in about 4 times a day. This is great!!!

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Its bad enough being addicted to skiing, then you get addicted to a skiing forum!

What an inspiring story! Does Louis Stack of Fitter know about this?

I'm am so glad you started posting, Kee Tov. Its nice to talk with someone on my wavelengths!
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"Hey Everybody" I'm not sure if my first intro got out to many. I'm a born and bred eastern skier, sampling many of what the east coast has to offer. I'm still waiting for that exclusive west coast trip. Soon!!! I'm an Xracer that is currently coaching racing. Latley, i've been very partial to Vermont/Waitsfield area, but i live near Syracuse NY.
-oh yea, i enjoy cliffs and stuff.

-"go big or go home"
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Hello, my name is Stewart and I'm an alcoholic. (sorry, that's tuesday nights)

I came across this forum through the K2 forum, where a kid called (I RUL), who liked flaming, was challenged to put his comments here, so I thought this place would be worth a look.

I'm 31, blue eyes, low hair count, from Northern Ireland, and took up skiing 7 years ago. I work for a local computer company, but am looking for a change.
My skiing experience includes: Austria, France, America and Canada. I'm on to my 3rd pair of skis (Rossis, then K2 Black Magics, now Axis X Pros) with Salomon boots. I'm on to my second pair of snowboards (Salomon 90s, now Fischer Spyder 99s)
In my spare time I designed a website for a friend who owns a ski shop): www.theskishop.co.uk

Ideal Partner: a rich girl who has a penthouse in the Zephyr Lodge (Winter Park), or shares in the Longhorn Saloon (Whistler), and lets me stay there while she goes off to work, or cleans the house/does my washing.
Ideal Job:
1. Professional ski bum (salary $100k)
2. Musician in any good ski resort bar, but I would need a band - I only play guitar and sing a bit (I am Irish, we're all musical!)
Ideal Day: Wake up in Donegal (Ireland). Ski Aguile du Midi (Mont Blanc) then Vasquez Cirque (Winter Park). Apres Ski in the Longhorn (Whistler). Finish the night in the bath at La Venture (Val d'Isere).

Do you want to know anything else?
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Welcome Stuart,

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Stewart:
Do you want to know anything else?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

If you went on a skiing trip and could only take one Irish Whiskey with you, which one would it be?

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No contest: Black Bush (http://www.bushmills.com/blackbush.htm).
It's created about 10 miles from my parents' house. (oh and thanks for spelling whiskey properly, not the Scottish way, which is wrong!)
But I'd prefer a pint of porter. (Guinness) Unfortunately I don't have a 1 pint hip flask, and Guinness doesn't travel. I have never had a good pint of it outside Ireland, but if any bar wants to challenge me to taste theirs, then send me plane tickets, and I'll let them know what I think.

Actually, that should go on my list of ideal jobs:
3. Ski resort Guinness taster. (salary: $75,000 plus a replacement liver every 4 years)

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Dangerous Brian,
A question for you: are you related to my friend Dangerous Dave?
He is currently wanted by Friends of the Earth for assaulting trees that seem to jump out at him when he's skiing, and for hitting caution signs.
We cured his problem of hitting signs by taking away his K2 Mod Xs - the red flashing lights kept distracting him.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Stewart:
Dangerous Brian,
A question for you: are you related to my friend Dangerous Dave?
He is currently wanted by Friends of the Earth for assaulting trees that seem to jump out at him when he's skiing, and for hitting caution signs.
We cured his problem of hitting signs by taking away his K2 Mod Xs - the red flashing lights kept distracting him.

It's a long story but put a first-timer (who's still sobering up from the night before - I know it was naughty but the schnapps only looked like water, honest) in a pair of rental race boots, on a crowded slope. I just went with the flow, but so did everybody else whether they wanted to or not. (nobody was hurt) I needed a red flashing warning light for my head.

I'm only Dangerous to myself these days .....

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It is going to be pretty challenging to beat Stewart's intro, so I would not even try...

Started 3 years ago on the East coast, spent next 2 seasons out West. Mammoth and Tahoe area. Went to a couple of X-team ski clinics, got hooked on skiing fresh snow and steeps at Squaw. And now I am back in Boston for work and a bunch of other reasons.

Syched about unusual amount of substance (for ubb) in the discussions here. Look forward to hooking up with some of the NE bears this winter.

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Welcome aboard. 3 years and already skiing x-team clinics? pretty impressive [img]smile.gif[/img]

I'll be in Boston this time next week. I sure hope it gets cold fast! I want some snow to ski on.
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Thanks dchan. Let's swap places - I will go to San Franciso, and you come to Boston.

Not sure about next week. It is still really warm everywhere. They can not even run snowmaking consistently. Hopefully, western patterns will migrate out East and we will get a few good storms. I was hoping to be @ Sunday River right before Xmas.

Xteam was awesome even for me as relative beginner two years ago. Granted I had to live with the fact that I was second worst in the ski off and skied for a 1 1/2 day in the slowest group. : But what I got out of it was complete attitude adjustment and desire to find and explore trails off the beaten path as well as trying to ski most of the mountain and consistently pushing myself a little beyond my freak out point. Not a moment too soon, I might add. The attitude was very relaxed and all skill levels were welcome, granted people were upper intermidiates and above.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Let's swap places - I will go to San Franciso, and you come to Boston <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Sorry Eugene,
Don't work like that [img]tongue.gif[/img] I'm born and raised San Franciscan.. My wife is from Newton so we come visit a few times a year.

I hear what you say about being living with holding up a ski group. I used to worry about that too. Then I started having too much fun.
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Just found the site a week or so ago. I am really impressed by the forums. The level of expertise is extrordinary.

I am 39. Probably an advanced skier. I live in Oregon. I grew up in SLC at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. I didn't ski a whole lot because of the other sport I was involved with. I still don't ski a lot. If I ski 10 times its a good year. But I really love it.

I structure my weight training and conditioning during the fall and winter with skiing in mind. Because I don't ski enough to be consistant, I really need to be in good ski condition for the times I go. I did a lot of mountain biking this year. I am looking forward to see what kind of results I get from that.

I bought my first shaped ski last year. I am skiing on K2 ModX 188. I absolutely love them. I bought a pair of Salomon 1080s this year to ski with my twin 4 year olds. I am looking forward to playing on those skis. My favorite terrain is steep bowls. The ModX s have really allowed me to blast through the Oregon crud.

Now that I live in Oregon, the closest resort is 1.5 hrs away. It is not that good. It is worth the 3 hour trip to Mt Bachelor for the good skiing. I will be spending Xmas in Sun Valley, Idaho. I generally ski by myself because I have yet to find a skiing partner in the Eugene area. I am looking forward to skiing with my family this year.
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Welcome! Be sure to check out our health and fitness for skiing forum for conditioning tips!
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Hello all, my name is Warren. I'm a single Data Center Manager in the San Francisco bay area. I started skiing again last year after not skiing for over 33 years. After getting kicked out of my first ski class, I've not looked back.

I'm skiing anything blue now and have made it up to Kirkwood 3 times this year. Can't believe that I didn't do this for so long. What fun!!!
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Hey all. I've been surfing the forum for about 2 weeks now thought I'd register and post today. I'm 38, live in the Chicago burbs, re-took up skiing last year after not having done it since high school. Has it really been 20 years ago? Wow.

Anyway, I'm probably at the intermediate to high intermediate level. Bought some equipment once I got hooked again last February and met some college buds in Sacramento and drove to Tahoe for 3 days. Skied at Squaw and Heavenly and was way over my head. Could have been some minor altitude sickness (and probably alcohol-induced dehydration) but I was pretty wiped and felt I was holding my friends back.

So I passed on this years trip and vowed to sharpen my skills here in the MW (friends say I just need to grow some nads)if we ever get any snow. The inlaws have a place in Michigans UP about 25 miles from Indianhead and BigPowderhorn. Was going to head up there between X-mas and New Years but the weather just isn't cooperating.

Wish some snow for a recently reborn ski addict. Nice forum. Later
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SkiFrank:

Could have been some minor altitude sickness (and probably alcohol-induced dehydration)

hey guys we got a new one... and he drinks! Franks buying the next round!
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hello! my name is Ville Eskonen and i'm from Finland(u know, where the best mogulskiers comes ) i'm 18 and i have skied for about 10 years. i think i'm pretty good skier. i like whiskey and good beer, even bit too much . we don't have big mountains in Finland. hills are something between 100-430 vertical meters, but we have quite steep runs here. in winter vacations i go to verbier or somewhere else in the alps.

if you want to know more about me or finland, just ask.
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Welcome Ville,

Phil we have another one here. OK, this is a test. Which whiskey?

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in eastern finland we don't have very wide selection of whiskey. but best whiskey that i have tasted is Grants Seven Bothers,pure malt whiskey. i also like Jameson. those are all cheap, i know. but in finland we have really high alcohol taxes. 0.7l grants bottle costs 189Fim, it's about 31.5 USD it is hard to be a poor student and love whiskey . 24 bottle of beer(4.7alc) costs about 170Fim. goddamn alcoholic life in finland sucks... maybe i should move somewhere else, where taxes aren't so high? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hi, have been greatly enjoying this forum the last couple of weeks, though it's a poor substitute for actually skiing (damn warm weather here in the northeast). I'll probably post a lot more once I can get out on the slopes again. So far, it's been a great help learning about new shaped skis and picking up some good ideas to include in my workout to help get ready for the season (many gleaned from your posts LM, thanks). I'm 30 years old (for a little longer) and have been skiing almost all of that, though I missed nearly the last 4 years (got 1 day in last spring) in the Marine Corps. But I'm chomping at the bit to get back on the snow. Oh, and if it's not obvious already, I can be a bit verbose at times.
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