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Greetings - This is my first post on this forum, although I've been lurking for a couple years. This is a great forum - such diverse insight on skiing, from the professionals as well as us wannabes (speaking for myself). I really appreciate the efforts of AC and dchan in keeping it respectful, for those few times things get a little out of control. Also, I've learned a lot from Lisamarie's fitness posts - thanks for sharing your expertise and passion about your work!

I've been skiing regularly for about 20 years, almost entirely in the west for the past 10 and have worked up to about 20 days/year (still not enough). I'm a bit of a ski geek (read Bob Barnes' third edition of his Encyclopedia right after it came out). I've done a number of multi-day clinics - women's groups at various resorts, a couple of the former Snow Country/Demo Team clinics, NASTC, and have skied with some outstanding instructors (and some not so). None of which will ever make me an expert skier, but it sure is fun! I ski alone a lot - husband doesn't ski, children are on their own - my friends think I'm nuts.

I'm planning on attending the Utah gathering - the academy as well as the weekend - and will add my name to the list. It sounds wonderful, such a great opportunity to meet you all. I'll add diversity to the age demographic and hope it won't be too much!

Anyway, thanks to you all for providing this forum for all of us ski nuts [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Wow--it's great to see all the new "faces" around here. Welcome to all of you--Skimo, Hacksaw, Daevious, Pyramid, ZT, Cleanmelon, VM, Crew Cut, Extreme Veteren, Adam S, RustlerGirl, SprgHlCrz, GWC, N8M, Megadeth, Susieski....

This is a GREAT site, and a great community, for one main reason: the people who participate. (Well, a lot of credit must also go to AC, our wise, generous, and tireless host, and Dchan, his trusty sidekick and the forum's wine connoisseur-in-residence. ) The last month or so of summer seems to have brought nearly three hundred new members to our community, so it just gets better and better!

I am still fascinated by those of you who admit to "lurking" for sometimes even YEARS before finally making your debuts. What was the holdup? What finally inspired you to join in? What can we do to encourage the many more out there in the same boat?

Finally, for those who have not yet discovered it, you are most welcome to join us, and we would love to have you join us, at the upcoming EpicSki Academy (click here for information) in Utah at the end of January. This four-day ski camp originated from an idea someone had in the forums here, and now it is quickly shaping up to become the premiere ski camp on the planet (no exaggeration)! The instructors who will lead groups are among the industry's elite and of course, Utah has "the greatest snow on earth"! It is a camp for all ability levels, as we will form small, compatible groups. There's no better (or less expensive) way to leap to the next level, break loose from the "intermediate rut," or just have a good time with some passionate skiers and great instructors!

Please check out the Academy Planning Room and feel free to offer suggestions, make requests, and ask questions. We will have full enrollment information and the official enrollment form up shortly--still ironing out a few details. In the mean time, if you would like to attend, please add your name to the "official attendance list" in the Planning Room. I hope to see you all there!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Susieski! I'm glad that you enjoy the fitness posts, and how cool that you are coming to the gathering!! BTW, I will be conducting daily warmup and Apres ski workouts, as well as the Wed. night fitness presentation, so you will be able to see this stuff up close and personal!
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Hey all!

Grew up in a town about an hour NW of Boston & started skiing when I was 3. "Home" area was Nashoba Valley:


~ Little more than a hill, but it was more than enough to ignite a fire that'll last a lifetime...Skied all but a handful of places in the entire Northeast, but I've never made it out West. Of course, that'll change in February!! First trip out to Tahoe & could NOT be any more excited!


Looking forward to hanging here & havin' fun!

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Sounds like we all found the place. I've always believed that more is better: more snow, more vertical, more runs, more friends, more fun, more risks, more trees, more years, more wisdom. Welcome to all fellow skijoyers. Hope to meet'n'ski w/you at Solitude.
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Originally posted by Bob Barnes/Colorado:

I am still fascinated by those of you who admit to "lurking" for sometimes even YEARS before finally making your debuts. What was the holdup? What finally inspired you to join in? What can we do to encourage the many more out there in the same boat?
So why have I been a chronic lurker? I was just enjoying taking in all the good stuff, and with a few exceptions didn't feel that I had anything special to contribute. The reason I finally joined in was to get on board for the Utah events! I've passed the info on to a few gals that I've skied with at women's clinics but haven't heard anything yet.

I honestly think some folks are more comfortable just observing.

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Originally posted by Susieski:
...I honestly think some folks are more comfortable just observing...
Sitting back and lurking is also the way to go if you short on time. Observing takes a lot less time than trying to construct a reasonably coherent post.

Tom / PM
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Hey there! I'm girl from Oz who has been lucky enough to grow up with a father who loves skiing and a mum who doesn't, so I was "forced" to ski from 6yo so my dad could have a friend when he went skiing!

I fell in love with everything snow, and only recently skied in Squaw Valley and spent 4 weeks in Whistler. It showed me what a run was supposed to be and I now want to spend all my dollars skiing on defferent mountains around the world
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Heh, you got off easy. I "forced" my daughter to ski from age 3 - grin.

A big welcome to EpicSki!

Tom / PM
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I 'forced' my daughter at 23 months. My son got a little slack. We started him at 2. His birthday is in late December and the slopes weren't open until his birthday. I hope they both grow to love the sport. So far so good. Yikes, My daughter is soon to be dating age and now I have to worry about all those dirtbag ski bums out there. :
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Originally posted by SprgHlCrz:
...I hope they both grow to love the sport. So far so good. Yikes, My daughter is soon to be dating age and now I have to worry about all those dirtbag ski bums out there. :
Thusfar, my daughter (now 10) can't wait for each ski season to begin, but I hear there often is a period in their teen years when many kids turn away from skiing. At least we started them off right.

With respect to dating dem ski bums, I plan to keep her busy and out in the fresh air as much as possible. Somebody just suggested that she join the local ski team, and I'm starting to think that's a *real* good idea. I will, of course, also offer to chauffeur her & all her male friends up to the local ski hill for as long as possible. I get to keep my eye on things AND I get to ski more.

If Nolo is reading this thread, I know she has two teenaged daughters & maybe she will put in her $0.02 on the care and feeding of this species.

Tom / PM
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My two daughters started skiing at 7 and 10 years old. They are 20 and 23 now. Oldest daughter tolerated my presence, she wanted to hang with her friends, youngest was my ski buddy and we skied everywhere together.
Youngest started instructing at 16 and earned her Level 1 the same year I did. Her boyfriend is a skier ( a great skier) and we all spend time on the snow together.
Kid One lost interest in skiing when she went off to college and has recently shown a renewed interest. She wants me to help her improve. Her boyfriend is a boarder, but it’s OK cause he can really ride. (He can ski too)
I bought them both new boots and foot beds a few weeks ago. We’re all going to Utah over Christmas break. Aren’t I a great dad?
The only advice I can offer is don’t push them to do what you want them to do, if they love skiing as much as you do they’ll stay with it or come back to it.

69 days till Utah [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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The teen rejects the parent as a passage from dependency to independency. In some (not all) cases, the parent's love of skiing is rejected. This is good, because it means the child will leave home eventually, rediscover skiing "on her own terms," and pay for it herself.

A parent's money is seldom rejected, approaching never.
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I guess my dads lucky in that we now feel a bit sorry for him and take him with us on our skiing adventures...we even paid for his last trip! He returns the favour by picking us up from the pub when we have had a few too many drinks

So long as he can keep up, I love with skiing with him...it's always good when he likes the ski bums that i manage to find, it helps to convince my mum that they are ok!
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My wife took the kids to the beach this past summer on her annual family OBX gathering. Her folks pay for the cottage and the first to arrive gets the beds. I don't go because I'd rather spend my vacation skiing(suprise). Well, I called to say hello, dad in-law answered and said that they left my daughter on the beach with some long haired, bearded, tatooed older guys. I said that was fine as long as they kept her away from the well groomed, wingtipped, suit wearing stock market swindler. Ski bums are even better company, at least I'll have something to talk about. They will have to tell me the location of their secret runs if they want to date my daughter. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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By nolo

money is seldom rejected, approaching never.
this applies to everyone; no?
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I read theese forums about 3 years.I enjoy it a lot (Loooots of usefull info's. Very nice).
My home town is Volos in Greece.I ski about 50-70 days per season in a small resort in Pelion mountain 24KM from my city (24min driving).It has a spectacular view in Pagasisticos gulf and Agean sea [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
Here is a usefull link http://www.snowreport.gr/pilio/pilio.html
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welcome all

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Welcome guys! It is always great to see new members getting into the discussions -- so dive in. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Well, since you brought it up, AC, I'd love to see you and dchan get off on a rant once in a while...
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Just want to say hello folks. RL has been a member for forever, and now I am joining too so that I can be in on all the fun with all ya'll in Utah!
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How cool is that! Welcome! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Yep, welcome, JD!

It would appear that EpicSki is growing by 5-10 new members a day these days, up from one a day not too long ago. Wow! The more the merrier! And the more people, the better the discussions as well.

I hope to see ALL of you in Utah. Can you imagine--3500 passionate skiers taking over the place?

I predict that the members of EpicSki will someday rule the skiing world!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Hello JD,
Now, while you may be signing up for the sake of the Utah trip, that doesn't mean that you can let your husband do all the posting, you need to post stuff yourself. We need to ensure we have a good balance of people in Utah, and given how imbalanced I am (both in my head and on the slopes), then we need more balanced people to try to average things out.
So, keep posting! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Oh, and hello to the rest of you who joined recently. Welcome to the assylum.

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Welcome New Bears! :

I look forward to "reading" you soon!
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
[img]smile.gif[/img] I've been noticing all these new names on the different forums. Some of you I've said hi to, and read your profiles. Some I have missed. First of all, welcome to the best ski forum on the internet!

Now don't be shy! Say hello and tell us about yourselves!
Hello all,

What an exceptional forum. In my quest to find quality information/reviews concerning new ski equipment this year, I stumbled upon "tech support for skiers", which provided me with the link to EpicSki at the end of last week. My sleep has been ruined exploring the depths of this forum the past several days .....equipment, advice, technique, perspective, philosophy, and much more ...never would have imagined.

Born, raised, and still living in Akron, OH (Green to be exact). The son of a die-hard true skiing fanatic (if there is snow - we go, and be at the lift ATLEAST 45min before they open in case they'll let you on early ....you better catch the last ride to the top at the end of the day), who got me sliding at age 5 ...this will be year 30. (I thought he was crazy then, I know better now). The Middle Chalet at Holiday Valley in NY was my second home growing up, and ski club evenings at Boston Mills in OH filled in the week. Somewhere around 10 I must have unknowingly passed an undisclosed test, and was from thereon allowed to make the trips to Vail, where I learned to ski powder, the wonderful world of trails that nobody bothers with machines, and mogul fields that actually have "lines" and moguls not augmented by snow gun artistry (need to get back there some day soon). These days, Day/weekend trips to PA, NY -long weekends or more to Killington & around, whenever possible to the west ....Whistler & SLC, Utah most recently.

Married with one daughter (8yrs young). Wife 'tolerates' skiing, very athletic, doing great (groomed blacks, better than 'surviving', but not 100% comfortable yet - don't say mogul), and likes Whistler - who wouldn't?. First year for Emily's (daughter) own equipment ....got out Sat. for the first time this year ....traversing like a pro, then wedging into a 'carved' turn - naturally ....gonna be a great year!

Me? 5'6" 145lb heavy weight No chance I'm going to utter 'Expert' in this crowd, I'm comfortable and confident on most double blacks and I'm always working to improve ....steep moguls covered with chopped up crud are this years pet project. Don't have wings, so both feet on the ground makes sense to me. Trained more 'traditional' parallel with equal weight distribution, and I won't give those skills up, but I've added and I am open minded and already enjoy learning from this forum. Love powder (but I live in Ohio, so that's luck of the draw), off-piste and/or moguls are next, but mostly to ski with my friends ... so I'll go where they go.

Thanks to AC for providing and all of you for contributing to such a great forum.

Looking forward to 'reading' you there,

Chris Geib
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HI! Welcome! We have a few people here from Boston Mills. Your insomnia will now get worse!
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I'm a refugee from the power struggle at another forum. The owner/administrator over there went on a crazy power trip and started banning anybody who disagreed with him, so here I am. A couple other folks from there might show up over the next day or two.

How bizzare is that? A civil war in the net... and I'm a refugee. Anybody else think that is rather pathetic (the civil war I mean, not me)?

Edited spelling.

Moderator edit, Tone it down please.

[ December 16, 2002, 05:08 PM: Message edited by: dchan ]
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MittersillManiac -

Welcome. You'll find things different over here. We can't seem to get anyone banned no matter how much we complain to the management. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

[ December 16, 2002, 09:42 PM: Message edited by: Rio ]
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Originally posted by Rio:
MittersillManiac -

Welcome. You'll find things different over here. We can't seem to get anyone banned no matter how much we complain to the management.
I've noticed the difference already. It's like escaping China under the gang of four, and ending up in 1990's Amsterdam.
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