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Hello skimo, Adam, etc.
Great to see more people here. Hope you have as good a season as I intend to!

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Hey Skimo, do you ever get out to Boyne's real ski area, Big Sky?
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Rio, No I Haven't been to Big Sky or Brighton yet but one of these days!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome guys -- I'm glad you found us!
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I don't know if anyone is paying attention to this thread anymore
but I thought I would say something about myself. I was born and raised in the mountains, have had thirty some season passes, ski raced for over a decade then went to university. Next I got
involved in the ski industy running a ski shop for 7 years, where I had a lot of fun. I've skied almost every ski area in the west and Canada, also skied in New Zealand, South America, Alaska, and Europe. I love skiing in Europe most of all, the whole experience is what I enjoy. Lets hope we all have a good winter.
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Welcome pyramid!
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Hi Pyramid
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Matteo, my brother lives in Italy, in Courmieyer (sp?) I've been there myself, wonderful place.

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Yes indeed, I do pay attention to this thread.
Welcome pyramid.
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HEY!! Its my thread! Of course I'm still paying attention! Welcome to the insanity, everyone! Please join us in Utah or Sugarbush!
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Originally posted by pyramid:
Matteo, my brother lives in Italy, in Courmieyer (sp?) I've been there myself, wonderful place.
Courmayeur is some 250 km from where I live...
Nice place to live and to ski. Also,with the Mont-Blanc tunnel open again , Chamonix is right on the other side!
Are you planning to go there?
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I try and go every spring depending on the snowpack. Love the food, wine, etc... not to mention the hugh mountains.
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I may as well post here. I found this forum while I was doing some research on the new about new skis to buy. It looks great.

I like to ski anywhere where there is snow! My usual places are Mt Buller in Australia, but I try to ski at most of the Oz resorts. This year I got to Thredbo (which I LOVED), Falls, Buller and Hotham (which I also loved).

But this Northern winter I am spending the season working at Whistler, and I can't wait! Hoping to improve my skiing and meet lots of fun people.
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Hi ZT,
Welcome to the forum.
So, you're going to Whistler!
Are you staying the whole season?

As you may have read in the Meet-On-The-Hill section, I will be there in December, along with some others. If you want to meet up in the Longhorn, Dubh Linn Gate or Merlins for a beer, let me know!

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Hi folks,
I live in southern ontario and have been skiing for fourty odd years. Do a trip to the Cdn. west every year with my brother in law (also a ski nut). Discovered Speed Skiing for novices at Sun Peaks two years ago and we are probably going back a third time this spring. 0 - 75 mph in 8 seconds is without a doubt the most exciting thing i have ever done on skis.
I own 4 pairs of shaped skis; slalom racers, rec carvers, all mountain, older straights sticks and i ski them all each year depending on the weather and the snow conditions as well as what i may feel like doing on my visit to the slopes

i wear a helmet, it's no big deal, i ski safely and rarely fall. I'm not superman and given the right bump to the head my skiing would be over. It's like insurance, just hope i never have to use it.

I'd go skiing 365 days a year if i could (wife, kids, university , all the normal excuses)

If you ever come to southern ontario call me and see if we can arrange to go skiing

God i love this sport
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Cleanmelon you are an inspiration! Welcome!
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Hi Wear the Fox Hat,

Yep, I am living my dream and spending the whole season in Whistler, probably until about June next year. We can get a 1 year working Visa for Canada, so it makes things pretty easy to organise.

I get there in about 1 week and will be looking for a job and somewhere to live.

I will look at the meet on the hill. Who knows I may be working at one of those pubs!

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I live in Albany, NY

I raced in USSA from the ages of 12 - 18, and raced my first year of college. After about 7 years of not skiing much at all, I decided late last season to get back into racing.

This year I will be racing in ASRA and hopefully some USSA Masters races. I'll also be training at Bromley on Tuesdays.

I'm glad to see there is an internet forum with a few racers floating aroung. The internet wasn't available when I was previously racing and I thought by now there would be a ton of resources on racing, but I haven't found much.
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Welcome, vm.
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Live in Utah, don't post very often, rarely in fact. I work in a medium sized city as a City Planner. Patrolled for five seasons as a volley at Park City. Started skiing as a kid in the backcountry, switched to alpine when I was about 18.
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Do people ever try to balance things on your head?

edit: Welcome to Epic. Come to the Gathering of Bears in your backyard.

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Welcome everyone, and please consider joining us for the Epicski Academy in Utah!
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Hi Crewcut, I had a crew cut once! Ppl kept rubbing my head, wierd. : Anyway welcome!
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Hello to everybody. Í´m from Argentina .
I ski the Andes , mostly Las Lenas , Bariloche ; Chapelco And La hoya .
I´ve skied in the USA , Europe and other South American countries.
I call myself extreme veteran ,because I´m 50 years old but sill love steep, out of bounds, no regulations skiing (we have plenty of that in my country ). Her the ski patrol is very good and strict within resort limits , but you can go out anywere at your own risk.
One of the things I like about Skiing is that there are only good or bad skiers . All the rest (sex, race,age , country is not very important)
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Dang, this thread's almost a year old.

Good Job, LisaMarie. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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Well I have talked in a few forums, but I haven't officially introduced myself yet. I currently live in Logan Utah, and grew up skiing at a small resort called Beaver Mountain. I love it there, its my home mountain. But this ski season I am going to move to Alta to be a ski bum. I am in the process of getting a job there. I have an interview coming up to be a housekeeper at a lodge. If I get that job I'll get to live up there! Housekeeping isn't my first job pick, but if its all I can get I'll take it. Lets see here, what else is interesting about me. Things I like besides skiing are as follows: Writing, photography, playing my bass guitar, soccer, gymnastic, and rock climbing. I like most sports though. By the way this is not a good display of my writing, I don't really feel like writing to impress anyone right now. Its 3:20 am and I am lazy. Well if any wants to know anymore just ask away. But now I am tired and going to bed.
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I've been meaning to post here for some time and to post to other topics also but, with 2 kids, 4 yr. old boy and 12 yr. old girl, my time is scarce. We all ski, in fact I introduced my wife to the sport and taught her what little I knew about skiing when we were dating (Ex. Yelled to her in frustration from down hill as she fought back her doubt" you can't turn until you start moving"). Despite this expert advice she married me anyway. We live in that world renowned mecca of alpine skiing....Pittsburgh, PA where the hills are black and the snow is gold.. ah, never mind. I've been skiing since 1964 when boots were leather and cable bindings were state of art. I never got serious until my high school years. My first out of state trip came in 1982 when my wife and I went to Killington. We were both intermediate skiers and the new terrain really elevated our skills. I am a terminal 'emerging expert' as one poll here stated. I'll fall with the best of them almost anywhere on the mountain. My home mountain is and always will be Laurel Mountain, the best expert terrain closest to Pittsburgh. We even have some real expert, not so secret glades, if only we would get some snow. I've been waiting to really ski those lines since the 99-00 season when we reopened. When Laurel reopened after a 10-year shut down, I joined the Ski School and underwent the PSIA certification and earned my level 1. I taught that season, missed the next due to medical problems and could not commit to the time required to teach last season.( hello ski school cohorts, you know who I am now if any of you post here)So now here I am, late with my dues, late to re-certify and wondering if putting out the time and cash to live the dream Ott described in the "new school, old school" thread in the instruction forum is worth it. I loved the meager success I had but hated the 3 hr. round trip to the resort. I didn't like how being there so often changed my attitude toward my home hill. I never skied it hard or appreciated it as I use to. What the experience taught me was a real appreciation of the difficult task instructors have in connecting with students, let alone igniting the spark that will turn that newbie into a lifetime skier. My hat’s off to all of you. In my real life I'm a Steelworker, a card carrying Union member and damn proud of it all you Republicans out there. We try to get to Vermont at least for a week every year. We go out west when we can afford to and it ain't getting cheaper. We like Utah for the cheap digs in town, the lower elevation that is easier on these wheezy eastern lungs and, of course, the big, beautiful, steep, powder choked mountains. I heard about this site at he PSIA web site. Well, I could ramble on but I fear I've bored you all enough. So, as we say in the Burgh, See yunz guys on the slopes 'n' 'at.


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I guess it's my turn.
I got directed here a couple of weeks ago from Fodors (www.fodors.com).
This is a great forum! Lot's of topics, lots of knowledge, and for the most part, lots of respect. Trolls and tangents don't appear to be too common here.

Anyway, I've been skiiing for over twenty years...leather boots and Kneissel White Stars first time out...seriously (>20 days/season) for the last 4. We've got a place at Loon Mountain in NH and enjoy summer and winter in the New England version of mountains ("You call that a mountain??!! That's an anthill!" : ) For those of you with more hair, better knees, less weight and younger kids than I...figure out a way to get a place in the mountains. It is by far the best thing we ever did as a family. As a matter of fact, we all work on the mountain part time for yucks...and it's neat to get an insiders view, so to speak, of mountain operations.

We need to get to Jackson Hole, Sun Valley and Whistler sometime, and maybe Europe...we'll see.

That's about it. Ski the steel baby, point 'em downhill and ski out of it, and remember, if you know what's gonna happen next, it's Boring!
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My turn!

I managed to find you guys and gals via a recommendation in the rec.sport.ski newsgroup a month or so ago when I was looking for a skiing related forum on the internet. Looks like I found the best one on the first try! [img]smile.gif[/img]

I'm a engineer for a local telco here in Southern Ontario, where i've lived all of my life. My local resort is Blue Mountain which has about 720' of vert which is amongst the best for our area, and things have been improving rapidly since Intrawest purchased the resort a couple of years back.

Although i've been skiing for 15 years now, I haven't managed to get out as much as I used to. Hopefully that will change this year as I purchased a season pass and I plan on taking a trip to Alberta this coming January.

It seems you guys and gals are a great bunch around here, and I look forward to contributing to the forums.
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My turn to introduce myself.
I am now 21, and skied a little bit when I was 14-15 (maybe 7-8 times total) and didn't try it again until last year when I went to Tahoe a bunch of times and was hooked. I first came to the forum for advice on gear, and stayed because it seems that all people here are crazy about skiing and think and dream about it all the time (like I do.) Anyway after skiing about 15 days last year, I am now armed with a Kirkwood season pass, skis, boots (all I need is 4WD haha..) and hope that my schedule this winter will revolve around skiing.
I like visiting the Gear and Resorts discussion (I have to admit that some of my favorite posts are of other skiers talking about their day skiing, I still remember a memorable post by SCSA about his day at Aspen Highlands) and have received valuable advice here on how to buy skiing gear. This year I hope to improve my technique by taking some lessons, and benefiting from the knowledge of the many instructors who post here.
Anyway, that's all.
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