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Just a bump to the top. Seems like we have lots of new members. I would like to know more about you all. Welcome!
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There she goes, making trouble again... :
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I’m a never-say-die ski bum who has finally figured out a way to ski at least 75 days a year and still convince far-flung relatives that I have a “real” life. I’ve ended up in Silverthorne, the ‘burbs of Summit County, by way of Frankfurt and Munich, Germany (army brat), Half Moon Bay, Taos, Mammoth and Durango.

My Irish wife thinks skiing is a quaint hobby. Our four-year-old started skiing blue runs at the Basin last winter. I’m a freelance writer and former editor and I’m cranky, opinionated, sometimes cynical and always wordy, except when it’s time to ski. When my friends see me coming at the top of Pali they say, “Uh-oh, here comes Bob, time to shut up and ski.”

It was fun to stumble upon this place a few days ago and find a literate and friendly discussion about the subject that’s always been nearest and dearest to my heart. I’ve written extensively about skiing and environmental issues for a wide variety of publications, with a sampling of articles and essays at www.coloradoskiwriter.com.
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OK, so was I the only one who replied to this call for intros? If not, then something is amiss, as all I can see is my post.
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Welcome telebob!

Don't worry, the post just got bumped back to the top so hopefully they'll ad their "hello's" soon.
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Another welcome, telebob! I look forward to reading your posts here. Whenever you want to share your secret - how to ski 75 days a year and get away with it - I'd love to read it.
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Welcome, Bob, from a fellow Silverthornian, also named Bob!

Good stuff on your web site. I enjoy your perspectives on development at the resorts, and especially liked your Fresh Tracks column on Ski Instruction. Keep up the good work--I look forward to your participation here at EpicSki. (How 'bout a link to EpicSki on your "links" page, which either isn't working, or has no content yet?)

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Hi Telebob and welcome! We spend a fair amount of time in Summit, perhaps our paths will cross.

PS. judging by your page that will probably only happen at a bar.

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I see this thread was actually started last November, and I've actually been a member since January, but what the heck....
I think that this forum is what the 'net should be for. THIS is an online community, here, and I want to thank everyone who's given me advice, made fun of my posts, everything like that. Now all I need to do is get a firmer grasp on what it is to be a troll, and I'll be set.
Oh, I'm also taking suggestions on a new screen name...I don't even know where this one came from. Think bottomless, y'all, and you're invited to Jay for some deep.
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Don't know the etymological history of your handle, eh? And you're taking suggestions for a new one. Hmm. Well, a search engine could probably get you there, were you so inclined toward a bit of research. Otherwise, leave it. It, um, rolls off the tongue.
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I don't even know where this one came from. Think bottomless, y'all....
...are you SURE?

Welcome to EpicSki, Cunning!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Would G-Spot be a good substitution?
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Maybe G-4 Spot?
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G-4? Whazzit?

When others explain what's a troll, would they also tell what's a jong?
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Originally posted by The Cunning Linguist:

Oh, I'm also taking suggestions on a new screen name...I don't even know where this one came from.
How about "The Master Debater" [img]smile.gif[/img]
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just found you guys. good stuff.

ski-addict stuck in houston, tx.(flat and never snows) for hometown reasons. if there are any other ski-addicts stick in houston, let me know. it would be nice to know of at least 1 person that doesnt think its strange that i collect trailmaps like some people collect beany-babies.
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Hi All, Just found this thread, so here goes!

I live in Montreal, ski Tremblant and some of the other local hills. I'm lucky enough to get 4-5 weeks a year in at Whistler, which is what i live for.

Finding this site was pure luck. And just in time. I was starting to go stir-crazy surfing the net waiting for snow [img]smile.gif[/img]

Skis -Volkl G4 and G31
Speed - Pretty fast
Fun - yes.

skieast (Bruce)
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Originally posted by The Cunning Linguist:
Oh, I'm also taking suggestions on a new screen name...I don't even know where this one came from. QB]
Fall Later
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hello, to all.
I am new to this MB. and find it one of the best out there in cyber land!
I started skiing waaaaaay back in 1958/59 at the tender age of three.
now I ski/telli/snowboard/snowscoot.
i work in a shop here in northern New jersey called razor tune/northsports....(god i love the perks)
I am also one of the Snowscoot reps.
i will be setting up on snow demos on the east coast.
the states i will be reping in are eastern Pa.,N.J.,Conn.and Mass.
check out our web site,
Hope to see ya all on the slopes, i think we are going to have a kick-a-- winter this year!
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Welcome Paul S and skis East and Cougar! Glad you found us. Thanks for joining in.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Yesterday a friend (he just lurks around this site)told me he had seen a post about the up coming AVALANCHE JAM fundraiser for the CAIC here.

I work for the Colorado Avalanche Information Center as a Avalanche Safety instructor. So, I ski a lot of places (Ski Areas and BC stuff)in Colorado and Canada.

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My first post, although I've been lurking off and on for about a year. I ski at Sugarbush, teach there on weekends, hope to contribute occasionally to these forums (but I don't think you'll ever see a 4-digit number at the bottom of one of my posts! Do you folks have time to do other things, too? )
Ski fast,

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Welcome on board!

I have been known to ocassionally imbibe of alcoholic beverages, and sometimes make a little music.

But that's my whole life in a nutshell, take it as you please...

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I don't live in Houston, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who treats old piste (trail) maps like photo albums - all those great memories...
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Hi daveous! Love the retro Sugarbush stuff. BTW, the Bears New England gathering is at Sugarbush, first weekend of March! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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What teh fuzz, I'll join in.

I'm Adam. I've been lurking the place since last year. I ski on Dynastar Concepts with Lange L-10 boots and some used polls with funky strapless handles... weird stuff.

I'm a full time computer nerd in the summer. Being the lucky guy that I am, I live in Toronto, so during the winter I usually end up skiing at Uplands - the 100 ft vrt., 4 run, 1 chairlift wonder. After 6 years, it hasn't gotten boring either! I usually get a few days around Barrie/Collingwood and the Laurentiens in per year. 800 ft of hill and an icy half-pipe is a treat for me

I'm hoping to get my CSIA Level 1 this winter, and get at least a half-season of instructing in before a computer game developer in Texas decides they want me there full time - they're a 20 hour drive from Taos!!!
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Hi, Adam! I just returned from a sports conditioining conference in Toronto! Love that town!
BTW, your profile pic is adorable! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Sad thing about the pic is thats its 3 months old... aaaahhhhhh!!!!
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Hey all!!! great site can't seem to stay away. well here goes. Im 49 yy been skiing scince I was 8 been teaching scince I was 18 My home hill (thats what they are in Michigan) is Cannonsberg
Also teach for Boyne . Worked for Alpine Valley for many years in Michigan.I'm a level 3 P.S.I.A.
Cert. and an area rep for Uvex Sports.I have a family of 5 children all of whom ski and snowboard as does my wife. (equipment donations welcome!!!) Oh and my name is Dan.
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